48 hours in Dusseldorf – Germany

I am not sure what happened during my visit to Dusseldorf I didn’t seem to have done anything. Plus my memory card got corrupted which means no good pictures. 😦 That it is probably why I have not really updated this blog with the accounts of my trip there. I was there only for 2 days, the first day I was quite ill that I went for a nice brunch at Schwan restaurant by the square, then I went back to the hotel. image

Dusseldorf have a few good contemporary art spaces, which I visited the next day when I got better. The first one I visited was a really pretty looking building in the middle of a park, with glass roof, K21. They have an interesting installation linked to the roof, it was not however open at the time of my visit. They were doing some maintenance work.

The museum is sisters to the another museum, K20, in the centre of town and shares a ticket offer, you can buy a ticket to be able to access both of the museum. They also have a bus once every 30 minutest that links both the venues. The collection and works displayed were really striking and different. Each room are dedicated to a piece of work.


The room that is quite touching was on one side filled with photos, candles, news clipping that makes it look like a shrine. A representative of a history in a nation or maybe a representation of all civilisation. Makes the room very Eerie. Another room  was wall to wall floored with mirrors, on top of which was a black scaffolding bridge that you can walk up to and feel the uneasiness of breaking more of the mirrors below, that is already cracking. There are more rooms, but I won’t elaborate all of them here. If you are interested, ask below in the comments box.


In the other museum, K20 there are also interesting works. However very much damaged by the very rude and barky museum attendants on every single room. There were installations that was clearly meant by the artist for audience to interact with, that they prevent anyone to go near them, instead they have to push the buttons or activate the interaction. It makes me very annoyed, that subversive and challenging art are place in the hands of a  very controlling system. It is so confusing.

For food I also tried lunch on the promenade by the river Rhine, it was pretty bland and over priced. So I relied on shopping at the nearest Rewee (supermarket) by my hotel. 🙂

The best thing I saw was this tiny library on the promenade. Cute right? image

Anyway, as I keep reminding everyone that reads this blog, everything is subjective to me, and the situation at that specific moment in time, so don’t let my experience stops you from experiencing alone. It might be a different one, and if it is, then tell me all about it.