How To Wear a Batik Fabric – No Sew

As a proud Indonesian I have been collecting Batik and Ikat Fabrics, beautiful ones that I sometimes put on a frame or put as a decoration on my sofa. Otherwise they are just sitting in pile. I wear ready-made batik dresses, if I want to wear a batik outfit.

Recently though I realised that all my usual batik dresses are too short for a formal occassion, so I was thinking of making longer dresses. I thought oh no I have got to cut my batik pieces.


But then, it clicked, I do not have too, surely back in the days people wear the ‘kain’ without sewing them. Dope! (Homer Simpson style) Indonesians out there are probably screaming ‘Of course, you dumbo! just tie it around you! Have you not wore them before?’

Let me explain to those non-Indonesian. Not like other fabric from a factory that come in roll of 91 metres. Original batik fabric, comes cut already, in pieces of length and width. And when you go to traditional functions in Indonesia you either have the clothes made for you by a tailor/seamstress or you have a person that helps dress you using the unsewn kain and do your make up. That is how I have been doing it anyway, of course there are people who are pro’s at doing it themselves. Anyway that is me, but of course that is pre-youtube!

I’ll share the several ways you can wear your batik fabric without ruining or cutting them.

Easiest way

Slightly more difficult for my not-so-thin waist

A funny Aladin trouser like or more adult diaper. Haha. This girl


So next time you buy batik fabric, you can use it like this. By the way I really hope that I am not the only Indonesian that doesn’t know how to do it. 🙂