My Daily Routine

I asked my reader what would they like me to write about. Ria said she wants to know what my daily routine is like. Panic engulfed me. Oh NO! That is the most boring thing ever, my day-to-day.

Well, you asked for it. Here is what I do:


Specifically my beauty routine. Hahaha. I feel really self concious about this, I am one of those people who has none. Yup, one of those people, I’d shower, use body butter and deodorant. That is it. The brand either Lush or Nivea. For body butter Botanics or Lush, at the moment trying Soap & Glory.

What about make up? I wear them if I have an important meeting or a special function only. Which only have become quite often recently, in my new job, maybe once a month I would say. This is why I hardly ever buy make up. Because of my too sensitive skin I can only use hypo-allergenic ones. Mostly use No.7 by Boots.

Exercise? Mainly walking. I used to swim and do yoga regularly, but not anymore.

Other leisurely activity you can probably guess from my other updates, travelling, reading, cooking, museums and events going.

See, I am terribly boring. Hahaha. Let me see, what can make me sound cool? Ooh, I watch concerts & theatre shows. How does that sound? Hihihi.

After sharing my boring day-to-day life, what’s yours like? I bet it is more exciting than me, do share.