A Book that made an impact

This request of discussion was posed by Deny, when I asked my readers what do they want me to write about.

A lot of books have impact on me. I think if you read a lot, you would find it really hard to identify which ones actually effect the way you view, think and do things in life, because most of them do one way or another. I think what I learnt from reading books are unquantifiable, but it has definitely made me more capable in critical thinking. Because ultimately it gave me (most often it is the best) windows to other people’s mind, thoughts, experience and knowledge, which gave me different perspective on things.

Of course it is not to say that films, music, arts and theatre doesn’t give you similar things, but trust me, they are not on the same level, also most of these usually comes from stories and writing anyway, right?


Where were we? Oh, which specific books then? Books that had an impact on me ranges from Enid Blyton’s work, to Asterix, from Orwell’s work to Khaled Hosseini’s, Thomas Moore’s to Hermann Hesse to Astrid Lindgren.

Enid Blyton taught me it is not ok to be a fibber,  a snitch; instead one has to be generous, to be understanding of others, not to be to vain like Gwendoline or too snooty, etc. She also taught me to have fun and play tricks. Hahahaha.

Books like A Quiet Believe in Angels, The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, shows how complicated people can be, and evil. But simple books like Stargirl by Jerry Spinneli shows how simple kindness is really great.

Philosophical books like Siddartha by Hesse, Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry, Utopia by Moore and the like helps me to understand a bit more about things.

1984 made me think about the hideous possibility of politics impacting on usual people, Nothing to Envy a book on North Korea shows that 1984 is actually happening still in 2015. It is possible.

Gullivers Travel, taught me how amazingly the world and its politics hasn’t changed since the book was written in 1726 to now. People still argue about the silliest thing and that the source of that argument of differences is really inconsequential. Really, not worth of hating each other or judging one another for, even worse killing each other for. Also like other dystopian and utilitarianism, Hunger Games, The Giver, choices have to be made, and they will never be the perfect ones.


Obviously there are other books, for me its hundreds of them, there are plenty variety of impact they have on me. A blog update is really not enough. I also find it really difficult to quantify and to point towards a specific impact, as most often the way you think about what you read depends on many other things such as your situation, experience and knowledge. So the impact of books on others will never be the same as each other. Right?

What do you think? Is there one particular book that has the most impact on your live?

By the way the photo is not of my collection of books, it is from a second bookshop called Voltaire and Rosseau in Glasgow. I think it’s very apt don’t you think?