Oh No! Asterix, why?

I just found the problem of getting your information from comic books, that it could all be misleading. I know, I know, they are work of fiction and exageration. Of course, there is no such thing as a powerful tonic or a can of spinach that makes people become super strong.

But like I learnt about the legend of Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane from Lucky Luke, I can learn about the Gaul’s ways of life from Asterix right?


I bought these three little exercise books by Minus: Cahier D’activités when I was in France in July. They are super fun!


One of them is called: Tout, tout, vous saurez tout sut les Gaulois. Everything you need to know about the Gauls, as at that moment there was a lot of Gaelic stuff around, I thought I better buy it.

In a sense this page ask you to identify Which part is the authentique Gauls?


What do you think? Menhir, definitely right? Obelix is a Menhir maker. NOPE! apparently menhirs and Dolmens dated back to the prehistoric times, not at the time of the Gauls.

Then this one. Surely Obelix and Asterix was always out chasing wild boars.

No, apparently the Gauls prefers raised pigs. They don’t chase wild boars.

Aaaaargh….my world is crumbling down..! What should I now believe??

There plenty more essential parts of Asterix that doesn’t actually reflect the historical facts.

Did you use to read Asterix, did you know all of this? Is there any other books that lied to us? 😦