Tasting Cornish Pasties in Cornwall

Like Champagne, Cornish Pasty are a regionally protected product, which means that it can only be called Cornish Pasty if it was made in Cornwall. Apparently Cornish Pasty is also the origins of many similar looking pastries in the world, like the Indonesian Pastel, Panada, or the Mexican Empanada even the Jamaican Paty. It was taken by Cornish Miners when they move to these earth corners to work in mines there.

Cornish Pasty is one of my favourite winter comfort food. It served warm, with chunks of beef (no mince meat please), sweede, potatoes and onions, heavily seasoned with black pepper, Yumm!  That is why it was a must to try some pasties when I was in Cornwall this time.

Ann’s Pasty at Picnic

I had this pasty in a really nice place call Picnic in Falmouth. The pasty was really plump, the pastry melt in my mouth and the filling was beautifully seasoned.


I just found out today that the ingredients of the pasty is made of locally sourced produce and organic flour.


Maybe that is why it is soo nice.

Warrens Bakery

You can find Warrens everywhere in Cornwall, each town would have a branch. It is the oldest Pasty bakery in Cornwall. I had one that came from their Bakery in St Just, the one’s nearest to their main and oldest bakery. The bakery also does other baked food, such as bread and cookies.


Warrens also provides pasties for most other pasty shops outside Cornwall, so the taste of their pasty is much more familiar to me because I can get them in London.


The meat and swede are just right, the one I had was slightly too salty in some places.


When I was trying to find the best pasty in Cornwall, the name Philps came out as one of the winners of best pasty award in a competition. So I had to try. I had ones from their main bakery and shop in Hayle.


When I was there it was really early so the place was quiet but when I got out there were 2 busses full of people and a queue start forming. I thought that was a good sign right? At this main bakery you can see through a window how people were making the pasty in the factory, they are all hand rolled out, filled, seasoned and crimped. I also saw an Extra Large Pasty, which was absolutely huge! I would say it is the diameter would be around 20cm.


The pastry is really nice, the meat juicy, the swede was slightly overdone for my liking but generally it is a good pasty.


Just so you know I had the Philps and Warren pasties at the same time, to be able to judge correctly.


I think if I have to  score them they would be on the same good score. If I had to choose between three pasty, I’d have Ann’s. But they are all really good.

Have you had a pasty before? were they Cornish ones? What is your favourite pastry that has a similar look to the pasty?