3 Things – Animation, Urban Art and Music from Indonesia

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all good. It is getting really cold and dark in the UK, hence my reluctance to do anything but read books and drink tea under the warmth of my duvet. I have also been browsing online, to cheer me up, finding inspiring things. Here is what I found. Now I know quite a lot of you are in Indonesia and have probably heard of them way a long time a go, but this probably for those who hasn’t and my notes.

1. Animation – Djakarta-00

I have been keeping an eye on Indonesian animation world. To be honest, the ones I found tends to be clumsy in delivery of the cinematique experience, or the stories are just not strong enough.  I have just discovered Vidsee, if you haven’t heard already it is an app to watch for free short South East Asia films. It is great. From several animations, the only Indonesian I find interesting is:



The film is about a girl who loves books and have a book stall in a Futuristic Djakarta where most of it is covered by water and cars are on top of each other and it is full of smog. Have a watch, let me know what you think


2.Urban Art – Marishka Soekarna

Have you heard about Jakarta Biennale? a Visual Art exhibitions which looks so exciting online. I heard everyone in South East Asia is vying for Indonesian Contemporary art scene. Check out this article that said if you haven’t seen/heard about the Visual art in Indonesia then you are not in the art world. Exciting right?

These photos are from @JakartaBiennale twitter

Anyway, one of the project of the Biennale are murals by Marishka Soekarna an illustrator, I really love her work. Her instagram is @drawmama

I want to go and see the murals she had done for the Jakarta Biennale and at the Komnasham Perempuan (Women’s right Organisation)

These photos are from Komnasham twitter account.


Anyone’s going to buy me a ticket?

3. Music – Ketjil Bergerak

I have just found them yesterday, this is almost a protest song but a very uplifting one. Love love the tune. I also like what they are about. I am glad there are people who still cares about these issues.

Here are the lyrics and a rough translation by me.

Can you give me more ideas on Indonesian indie music to listen to please? or if you have seen a good Indonesian animation lately.