White Walls and Bright Coloured Decor

The other day, I finally take the plunge, and painted one of my wall yellow. Everywhere in the house the walls have been white so far, I made that concious decision because:

1. The idea of ‘feature colour wall’ annoys me. Why? Because when a lot of people (not all but a lot) shows me their supposedly-fun-part of their house wall it is either a dull colour or a hideously-bought-cheapest-soon-to-go-out-of-date wallpaper.

2. My house stuff are in bright colours and patterned prints, that white wall will not clash with them.

Desk at Home


3. I was preparing to sale and move house as soon as I can afford a better located house.

Here are the other rooms with its white walls.

yellow room


To be honest, it is not that the house is not colourful at all , the kitchen and the bathroom walls do have tiles on them, but those are also on two toned tiles only. I chose these for my bathroom tiles because not only it has wonderful patterns but also because the collection is called Java, hehehe.


Not to forget my stairs.

after stairs rainbow

Finally here is the yellow wall on my living room. I love it. I am kind of thinking of filling some of the white spaces with black stripes or dots.


This post was inspired by Eva’s update on Scandinavian Design and her home. Whilst I share her love of white walls, and Scandinavian designs, the things in my house isΒ  a combination of items from IKEA, Indonesian design,Β  second hand shops, DIY results and others. In this picture the cabinet is second hand for Β£20, love this kind of 50s style.


What are your walls and house like? What kind of design do you like?