Binatang Press! Risographic Publisher Indonesia

Illustration, design and printing has always been an art that goes hand-in-hand for me. One of the first things I do when I went in the creative design industry is to visit a printer. That, combined with my love of books and stationery, makes me love the printed materials. It is so sad that I actually know my paper weights, paper types, printing methods, by feel.

Anyway, I saw Binatang Press!’s work on instagram, and loved it straight away. So I asked whether I can ask them Quick fire questions, they are kind enough to say yes. First part is in English, and at the bottom there is an Indonesian version.


So tell us who you are?

Binatang Press! is Andreas Junus and Irawandhani Kamarga. Before starting Binatang Press! we work (still do) as creative consultants under the names: The1984, Creative Space and Jalan Kenangan (ed:check these out as well, love their stuff too)

Why did you start Binatang Press! ?
Because there are a lot of work we do at The 1984 that we would like to print using risograph, in 2012-2013 we were looking for someone who would do it for us, however we could not find anyone to do it. We also love books and magazine, so we think it is a good idea to be a risographic based publishers, but it doesn’t mean that it will stop us to explore other methods of printing.

Why do you call yourself Binatang (ed:animal) Press! ?

Because we love animals. We didn’t have the exclamation mark at the start, but our friend eMTe (ed:A pretty well known Indonesian illustrator) suggested to add the exclamation mark, that will make it sound fun. (ed:In Indonesian exclamation mark is called tanda Seru, Seru also means fun)


What piece of work do you like best?
We have not got anything specific yet, we are not really an artist but more of a publisher.

Which Print Artists/Designer do you like?
aw there is a lot really, but to name a few
Locally we like: Agung Prabowo
Internationally we like independent riso publishers like Hato Press (ed:one of my favourite too) and Landfill Editions. We also love KesselsKramer because they are an independent agency like The1984.


Where can people buy your work?
Sorry, we are in the process of printing books, we haven’t actually launch, but if Jalan Kenangan has another event, we definitely will participate.

Siapa sih Binatang Press?
Binatang Press! adalah Andreas Junus & Irawandhani Kamarga. Sebelum Binatang Press! kita mendirikan creative consultant, The 1984 dan creative space, Jalan Kenangan (dua-duanya masih sampai sekarang)
Kenapa mengawali Binatang Press! ?
Karena banyak kerjaan di The 1984 yang ingin kami print menggunakan risograph, sempet cari di tahun 2012-2013 silam tapi disini nggak ada jasa semacam itu. Kita juga suka banget sama buku dan majalah, jadi mikir oke juga kalo bikin publisher berbasis riso. tapi mungkin aja nanti-nantinya ada fitur selain riso.

Kenapa namanya Binatang Press! ?
Karena suka sama binatang. tadinya tidak pakai seru, lalu atas usul teman kita eMTe, ditambahkan tanda seru biar makin seru.

Apa hasil karya yang paling disukai?
Belum ada yang spesifik sih, kebetulan kita bukan seniman tapi publisher.

Siapa Seniman cetak/designer yang paling dikagumi?

wah banyak ya.. to name a few

seniman cetak lokal – Agung Prabowo
internasional – independent riso publishers seperti Hato Press dan Landfill Editions. Kita juga selalu mengidolakan KesselsKramer karena dia agency independent seperti The 1984, tapi juga punya art gallery dan publishing company.

Dimana orang bisa beli karya kalian?
maaf belum bisa karena masih dalam tahap produksi buku-bukunya, maklum kita belum launching hehe.. tapi mungkin aja kalo besok2 ada acara lagi di Jalan Kenangan, kita ikut berpartisipasi.

Looking at their initial work, I certainly want them to continue and wish them all the best. We can all watch out for them on Instagram @binatangpress

How about you?

Photos: Are from a combination of instagram accounts of Jalan kenangan, Binatang Press and The 1984, except the first one which @Vantiani