The Blue Sky of the UK

London and the rest of UK in general is pretty infamous for it’s grey and miserable sky. Don’t get me wrong, as someone that is built and comes from an equatorial country, I know how much of this is true that is pretty depressing at times.

I don’t particularly like it when it is cold, grey and miserable, but it does make you appreciate more the sun when decides to come out. Let me tell you, when the sun does come out on this part of the world, whether it is a hot summer’s day, a bright spring morning or a cold crisp winter day, it is pretty beautiful. You just have to be lucky enough that when you visit you encounter this 10% of the time occurrence.

I wanted to say this, because most people will not have that luck, and all they experienced is of the gloomy and threatening weather. When a fellow blogger Lorraine came to London, I picked her up in the rain; I also saw another fellow blogger Ria’s update on Edinburgh, which starts with the horrible weather; they did come in winter, so these weather is expected.

So what is the best time to visit the UK? I can’t really tell you, because not only it happens only 10% the weather is like a moody teenager that changes as they feel like it. Here are some bright blue skies on different seasons. I have not altered or apply any changes on the images #nofilter. Guess  which ones are from which season.

St Pancras


CanolaOilFieldI think the best time to describe how changeable the weather is these two pictures from last week when I was in Edinburgh. The first day was glorious


The second day:


The threatening sky brought rain and later on snow, which makes it very wet and cold indeed.

So I really can’t advise the best time to go, but if I was held hostage to point out the best time to go, I’d say May, June and September.

What is the time when the sky is the bluest where you are?