Freud – Graphic Novel

Did I ever tell you that my knowledge comes from reading graphic novels/comic books? Well this one certainly told me a lot about Freud, not in a children-knowledge kind of way, but in comic geek kind of way.

It is a biography of Sigmund Freud told in two colours graphic novel. His family background, how he met his wife, how his theories come about, etc.


The work is quite unique in that it is a Graphic Novel that is a result of a collaboration between Corinne Maier who is an economist, historian and psychoanalyst and the much revered French Young Cartoonist, Anne Simon.

Of course to understand more about his theories and the pro/cons arguments to it, you need to read more in proper books/journals or do a intensive research online. But it is good enough to give me a background.


Because of it’s format, Freud’s story, are easily told in the third person, but also first person, when Freud is having dialogues with himself. I really like the comical yet witty and wry way of the narration.

Have you read it? What do you  think? If you haven’t, have you read any comic books about important historical figures that is quite good? If so, do share.