Wildlife in Your Back Garden – Resort in North Sulawesi

After being in the cities a lot in Indonesia, it was quite a shock to the system to find the happy chirps of bird song at the Resort I stayed near Manado.

When I was growing up in Jakarta, I never appreciated birds that much, you see them either in a cage as a prize possessions of some men, in the zoo or on my plate. Living in the UK, where  a lot of people appreciate the wildlife in your garden, made me realise how important and wonderful they are. Which in turn makes me notice them more and how diverse these birds are.

I was very excited to see there were still a lot of wild birds at the resort, some of which I have never noticed before hence don’t know their existence let alone their name.

Here is the only one I knew at the time Egret , can you see it on the corner of the screen.

This one I am not sure about but it shapes reminds me of a Bali Myna, I checked that it is not a Myna. Or is it a BulBul – because of it’s tuft. I don’t know, do you?


I don’t know this scary ones. I thought they might be a crow.  I looked in to it online, using the key word of ‘Asian Crow’ , found some links to say that they are Asian Koel, which is apparently in the cuckoo family, but then I found another one that said it is Asian Glossy Starling or Aplonis panayensis


I don’t know what this is, and I am not sure what key words I should use online. Then I found out after looking on the other birds that it is a Chestnut Munia or Lonchura atricapilla/ mallaca

This one, I saw it going into the flowers to what I assume to be eating the nectar, so I search it as ‘Asian Hummingbird’, looked in the image gallery to the most similar image and it turns out to be Olive Backed Sunbird or their latin name Cinnyris jugularis plateni.  According to Wikipedia they do eat the nectar of flowers.

Well, that is me learning a lot about the Indonesian-back-garden-birds. At the moment in my back garden in the UK, because it is spring, lots of birds are flying around and mating, a pair is nesting in my bird box. How about you? do you pay attention to the wildlife surrounding you? Do you know any cool looking animal that is living in your back garden?.