Cold Brew & Coal Brewed Coffee

Did I mentioned that I like Coffee? Haha..

I talked about coffee:

Bear and Co

This time I want to share a coffee place in Pasar Santa, Jakarta, Indonesia. I was introduced to by Dusty Sneakers’ Maesy, she and I have a similar love for books and coffee.  After visiting her shop, Post Santa, we went to Bear and Co.


The place sells cold brew, also a few interesting combination of coffee. Have you ever had cold coffee plus lime juice? It is Delicious! I also bought a bottle of their nitrogen capped and processed cold brew coffee Better Half. Maesy said ” This stuff is amazing, I love that they name it Better Half, it is the better half of anything you add it to as a drink, cool huh?” After tasting it I do believe it is as good as the name.


Obviously as ever don’t take this review as face value, go and taste it, if it is not then let me know, maybe you had better coffee, let me know too.

Coal Coffee

Another really good coffee place I visited was in North Sulawesi in a town called Kawangkoan, south from Tomohon, Sarina. The place looks like a traditional Indonesian market town restaurant, behind a massive atm, covered with tiles and old furniture. The coffee though is amazing. They brew it in copper tall pots with a long net filled with coffee over coal fire.


I think it might be because it is low fire that brews the coffee slowly, and also because it doesn’t look that the pot had been washed regularly, making the residue of the old coffee builds up maturing the coffee taste. The coffee is definitely really good!



Highly recommend it. Drink your coffee with their green bean pao. Yum. All for Rp.30,000 – £1.5 or €2. Everyone I know who have been there always buy coffee there 1 – 2 Kg.

Have you drink lime and coffee drink? What is the nicest coffee you had lately?