A Brief Encounter with Belgrade

I was supposed to have a full two days in Belgrade, but when the 30 minutes waiting time + 2 hours flight turns into 3 hours waiting + 2 hours flight, we had 1.5 days of being tired in Belgrade instead. Belgrade was however, great, specially in the 32 degree heat.

Waiting is one of those things that travellers have to endure quite often right? late train, faulty plane, or unknown bus schedule. But this time it was slightly different. The plan was we go after a day of work to the airport, and we would have arrive at night around 11 so we have a full night sleep, to wake up in the morning, eat the hotel breakfast, and start walking. The plane arrived really late, I am not so sure whether it is because of the French airport strikes or the bad weather, there were a lot of planes prior to ours was canceled. Then when we finally arrive in Belgrade at 2am in the morning, our transfer was an hour late.

You can actually go with their airport bus to the city centre, but me and my friend figured as it is going to be late, we don’t know where the bus stop is or where the hotel is, Whizz air suggested a transfer fro airport to hotel. The only thing is you have share it witha stranger, fine by us. When we got there a man was waiting for us and said “I am waiting for another passenger, when they arrive I take you upstairs and you wait for 30 minutes there”. When the group of 12 people arrived, he indeed took us up the escalator, put this 12 people in a mini bus and said to us “wait by the information, someone will pick you up Β in 30 minutes.”

We did wait for 1 hour, my friend then call the help desk, to be told that the person will be there in 5, we were so tired by then we don’t have the patience, and start calling him every 5 minutes. It turns out that the guy that was suppose to pick us up totally forgot. And the guy from the call centre had to do it himself, borrowing the company car. He was so appologetic and said ” Really sorry about the inconvinience, we will now drive in a first class car, mercedes, luxury” in my head I said ‘I don’t care I just want a bed’ hahahhaha. To be honest I never cared for fancy cars, and in a lot of countries they use mercs as taxi anyway.

We got there in the end. When we were driving a long, the street lights just started to go off , and day light started. I slept for 4 hours, woke up really tired for breakfast. We didn’t get to do very much, but it was warm and sunny, so it made me happy.

Tried to go to the Nikola Tesla museum, but to see the pieces live you have to follow a guided tour and there was only 2 guided Englsih tour a day, and we just missed one, whilst the next is going to be on in two hours. We decided to do it the next day. Instead we just walked and see what’s around us.

On our way to the castle we found a botanical garden with a Victorian style palm house, which you know I love. The entry is 250 Serbian Dinar, which is around €2. An oasis in the tumbling down city.

We then had ice cream in the centre, and went up to the castle via several old roads.

The next day I was so tired and did not wake up until 10.45 almost missed breakfast, and missed the Nikola Tesla English tour. So we didn’t to very much went to their creative hubs, saw the river, and back to the airport wishing very hard that the plane is not late at all.

I left wanting to go back to Serbia and see more of its nature.

Have you been to Serbia? what did I missed there? if you have not what was the longest unexpected wait you had to do whilst travelling? Did it mess your plans up?