Summer Greeting, Song & Roscoff, France

The sun is finally shinning again here. I want to say to you all my blog friends, Have a wonderful summer! To those new follower, Thank you so much for following me and I hope we can be friends. To those who are celebrating Ied soon, Ied Mubarak!

What signifies summer for you there? For me is wearing shorts, sun lotion and sandals, eating ice cream and going on holiday! YAY!

You will figure out soon where I am going this year. When Β I was cleaning up my desktop from photos, I realised I haven’t share these photos of Roscoff, France.

My friends and I quite often drive to mainland Europe, which I thought at this particular time in the UK I need to remind everyone who chose Brexit. Eurgh! Don’t get me started with Politics of Brexit, I have already seen a bunch of minimum-knowledge-half-arsed-blogs/ write up on Facebook about it. I think anyone who wants to write about Brexit needs to research thoroughly to British Politics and EU policies and its history.

Sorry, I am not sure why this has become a rant, when it started with a positive note. Let’s get back to that positive attitude ok?

Anyway from England there are several places you can drive to and take the ferry to France or Spain. We usually take ferries that take us to Cherbourg, but then at the time, the offer to go to Roscoff was cheaper. I can tell you Roscoff is a much prettier town/place to land than Cherbourg.

What do you think of Roscoff from these pictures?

Anyway, I am very excited about my holiday soon, and this summer I am certainly going to listen to Christine and the Queens. Check the video out she is so cool!

What’s your plan for this summer and what is this year’s summer song?