A Scilly Trip

Do you get it? Scilly Trip, like silly trip?

Sorry about that lame pun. Hmm, it wasn’t that silly really, it was a great break from the gigantic human pool that is London.

After last year’s one day visit to St Agnes island in the Scilly Isles, I wanted to give the Scilly more of my time.


I struggled to get affordable accommodation at the islands at first, people said that most people go there all the time and would book it a year in advance. This obviously made me go (@.@) But luckily at almost last minute, a lady who owns a place in St Mary’s had a cancellation on her cottage. So I was very lucky.

This time I went there with an overnight train from London Liverpool Street to Penzance in the very edge of Cornwall. Then took the midday plane to St Mary’s, which was a conscious decision. I am not sure whether you remember, I chose the early morning flight and it got canceled because of the fog, then I had to go on the most sick inducing boat journey I have ever had. This time it was a very sunny midday. So instead of the grueling 3-hour boat journey, it was a 15 minutes flight in the cutest airplane ever.


The plane has  a capacity of 8 passengers only, and you can touch the pilots shoulder. It was really fun. It was so small that you can only take a small bag, so if you have a camera bag and handbag, I would recommend just bringing the camera bag. I didn’t do this on my way there so I was really disappointed. The view outside of the plane is amazing.


The islands are small, there are 5 ‘big’ inhabited islands, St Mary where I stayed in is the biggest, it is around 6.6km square. The other 3 are:

  • Tresco
  • St Martin’s
  • St Agnes
  • Byrher

Most of the lands in the Isle of Scilly belong to the estate of Duchy of Cornwall, which is at the moment is Prince Charles. Hence why I saw him and Camila on my last visit. I say most but Tresco, is owned by a rich family, I am not sure which one. If you are interested, you are welcome to google it. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.37.21 PM

You can easily go around any of the islands in one day. So that is what I did. Each day I would take a boat to the other big islands and walk around it. One of the other day I went on a boat to the eastern Islands which are uninhabited to see seals and some wildlife, then the other extra day I went on a really rocky boat ride to see the puffins in the western uninhabited islands. I will tell you more about it on another post.




I really enjoyed my stay in the Scilly Isles, I did a lot of walking and eating, but still didn’t feel that I have done it all. It was so quiet and leisurely in these islands, that when I got back to London, it was such a shock. So many people, moving so fast.

How is your summer so far? Are you enjoying it ?

What is the smallest airplane you have been on? How did you feel about it?