Putting a man on the moon VS shoes

“We live in world where we managed to put a man on the moon and orbit space, where we can print food, where distance and time is challenged by the existence of the internet, where we have self-driving cars,  can clone animals and many other extremely amazing human feat, however why are we …..insert the most ridiculously basic thing..?” , this way of thinking is what I always have use when I can’t understand.

I often have this argument about shoes. If you think about it, it is something really essential and most people use it nowadays since the dark ages, but why are there still:

  • Uncomfortable shoes?
  • Leaky shoes?
  • Non practical shoes?

I know this is silly, but I often see a beautiful lady walking down the street, wearing beautiful shoes, and I can bet almost 90% of the time they have a red mark at the back of their heel bone or quite often plasters on it. Showing obviously discomfort marking of having wore the shoes she is wearing or from the last shoes she has worn.

Why can’t pretty heels be comfortable, when they say “No Pain no Beauty” or “Being pretty hurts” I think that is a load of rubbish. I mean seriously! Why is it so difficult? there are pretty shoes, there are comfortable shoes and there are expensive shoes, why can’t they exist in one sphere, why can’t all shoes be like that. Comfortable= functional=pretty=affordable.

Last winter I was looking for boots that are comfortable, smart enough to wear to the office, affordable and fashionable enough to work in the art world without looking to shabby. OMG it was a battle, considering when you wear boots you wear socks or tight anyway, but

  • there are ones that the back of the boots rub through your heal
  • too heavy
  • not comfortable enough to walk for ages
  • and the worst crime is the soles are not rigged or have any sort of grip

The last problem is ridiculous, why are there shoes with out any grip on the soles? where in this world, in what country is it that we don’t have slippery surface? Here in the UK it rains quite often, in Indonesia is the same, which means that there are slipery surfaces around. Why are there shoes are as slippery as a marble floor on a wet day?

I am not saying they don’t exist but I am just saying why can’t all shoes have the similar basic good standard?

After days and the considerable amount of shoe shops I visited, considering I work in central London, there are hardly any shoe shops that I can’t find. I settled on this boots that were discounted, I refused to pay full price. Black, very comfortable, with grippy soles, looks good and I can walk around for ages in it. But why can’t all boots are like this?????

It is not only winter shoes, I bought this sandals that are quite a famous brand at the moment, saltwater, I bought it because I really wanted red sandals, but when I got home and I flipped it it has the most straight and smooth soles. They were quite expensive and they do look pretty, but it was so disappointing to always have to be careful when and where I walk.

When people say “ah when you work into the shoes, it will become comfortable”. Why can’t it be comfortable from the very beginning? it is possible I have had shoes like that, but not very many.  Why do people have to bring 2 shoes to work, one to use to walk and one to show that they can be business like? aren’t all shoes supposed to be used to walk?

Those are just basic ones, shoes that doesn’t hurt and is not slippery. What about shoes that keeps your feet from getting wet? I get that back in the days it was easy to make shoes out of canvas, and I also get in mostly hot countries. But nowadays there are waterproof fabric and breathable fabric.

I mean they just release those Back to the future self lacing shoes, Nike Mag, but they can’t figure out to make basic things like the above.

If you think about it, it is not really rocket science right?

Ok my rant is over now. What is your most comfortable shoes and have you still got it? What is your “they put the man on the moon, but they can’t do this?” question.