Vintage Train to Solo for a Vintage Market

Please please let me know if you have seen cuter trains than this! Where and how can we all see it? This is the train I took to go to Solo. It is an hour on this train.

You can buy the ticket a day in advance online, but I just rocked up, and got the very last tickets. Coming home I didn’t get the next train I want, which means I ended up sitting in papa bread shop eating and chatting. A tip that the entrance to the main Yogyakarta Station for cars is on the side, plus to buy the tickets you have to go to the office on the right hand side of the entrance of the main station, you can’t buy it in the station it self. Here is a picture to guide you.

The journey was really straight forward. The plan was to go to the Pasar Triwindu, the vintage market and the Batik Village.

Pasar Triwindu was only 15 minutes with the Becak (Rickshaw), when we were there, there was hardly anyone there. The market is full floor to ceiling with vintage items, things that are made from vintage items and made like vintage items. I think if i was not going to Labuan Bajo after that, I would have a suitcase full of random cool items that I don’t need. I guess it was good in a way.

Some of you might think this look like a lot of junk! but I love them they are so cool, I want to hand over my money.

I really wanted a batik printing stamp but most that are sold there was new, they range from IDR100,000 to 300,000. Again thank goodness for light packing principals and planned trip to Labuan Bajo.

My Favourite most randomn item they sold here is this, a dentist chair!

We did find the Batik Village, which seems really empty and quiet. The village is just a row of houses with shops in the front. You can’t necessarily see the batik making process, unless you buy something in the house. I found the quality and design of batiks in the shops pretty disappointing. I only bought one man shirt, because I love the design, at the moment it is in my pile of to-be-reworked-with-sewing-machine. So I hopefully these images of the market satisfy you.

So have you been there and what did you buy? So I can envy you…