About Me


So I am guessing you are curious about me?

I was born and raised in Indonesia, have been living in Europe for awhile now. 

One day I realised I didn’t know that much of the country I grew up in. I feel that I have been keeping Indonesia in my pockets, and that maybe I should slowly empty out to discover what I have kept in there, here.


This blog has also become a place where I spill my travel stories and random thought. I want to travel more in Indonesia. Here are some snippets of my travel in the land of dragons.


I have also so far travelled to many other places. My travels constantly contributes towards my curiousity and thoughts about Indonesia.

Places I have travelled to

As this blog started in 2012, it does not cover all the destinations I have visited before the time. I would say what is displayed here is only 10% of the places I have been, maybe. 

My interest lies in beautiful things and culture. Besides Indonesia, I love food, colours, books, art, design, illustration and photographs.

Unfortunately for you, I am also going to share this on the blog, through my photos and illustrations.

This might not completely tell you about me, but you can decide and judge of who am I from the photos I took and the stories I tell.

Although I am surprise that you are reading my blog, I do thank you for reading it. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you are really that keen about this blog you are welcome to check out my pinterest, twitter and instagram account.

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