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Grand Budapest Hotel

If you like whimsical things, beautifully shot films, every scene is perfectly framed, this film is a must. I have just watched this, I’m sure I am the slowest person on earth. I… Continue reading

Sunday Conversation – Soundtrack of 90s

There are conversations that I have with people that I want to note. Spring 2014 My living room With a friend. The drink: Indonesian Loose leaf tea, no sugar, no milk Gimmick: Diver… Continue reading

Setelah membaca buku The Fault in Our Stars oleh John Green

This will be my first update totally in Indonesian. I don’t know why but in this particular subject I want to. Also it has nothing to do with Indonesia. Sudah lama buku ini… Continue reading

Happy Sunday! Who did you learn from this week?

Me? I learnt from a dog called Francis to make this matcha swiss roll. Hahahaha, this really tickles me, but I did. It is the most hilarious talking dog too. I looked on… Continue reading

100 followers & 1 year – Postcard for you

It was only a few updates ago I celebrated a year of me managing to keep a blog.I didn’t think that I would have 100 followers so close to the time. I promised… Continue reading

1 year anniversary belated post

It has been 1 year since my first blog post which was August 2012, I am surprised at myself that I can finally maintain a blog. Woohoo me! 😀 slightly badly I admit… Continue reading