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V&A – London Design Festival Hightlights

Each year at the London Design Festival there is always a big piece of art/design instalation. This year it is Crest by Zaha Hadid architects, situated in the John Midejski garden of the… Continue reading

Felt + Art = Cornershop

The equation might not make sense, but it does. Warungs (Waa-roongs) in England are called cornershops. Because they are more likely to be on a corner of a road, or are so tiny… Continue reading

Hoxton & Shoreditch Area – London

Ok, maybe it would be better for me to ┬ábe able to say “oh, yeah, of course I know london, hohohoh” with an air of arrogance indiference, and a smirk. But, I have… Continue reading

Bilbao & Guggenheim Bilbao – Spain

One of the days whilst in France to cheer me up, my friends took me to Bilbao. Not really. I just said : I am going to the Gugenheim in Bilbao, it is… Continue reading

Ttable office paper design and illustration

Tidying up a messy desk is such a chore. Specially when you are a hoarder like me. Maybe not? Because this is what I found: I bought this in Korea, totally forgot about… Continue reading

40 hours in Vilnius – Lithuania

In my previous update I said that Bucharest is my favourite European Capital city. Well, I think it is sharing place with Vilnius. Why? Vilnius is very pretty too. Plus it is got… Continue reading

40 hours in Bucharest – Romania

A mini weekend, flew Friday night arrived at 3am Saturday morning. Woke up at 9am for breakfast, at 10 I was out. Tired but excited as the sun decided to shine that day.… Continue reading

Hepworth Wakefield Gallery – Yorkshire Sculpture tour part 2

Happy Sunday from Bucharest! Continue… From Yorkshire sculpture park, I took the same bus back to Wakefield which drops me right outside The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery. The UK have two major museums where… Continue reading

Prints Highlights – London Design Festival

  From top clock-wise. Cushion covers – from Curio & Curio – I really love the pattern and the colours Sustainable print wall paper print from the University of Art London Masters Students… Continue reading

Made from Paper – Tent Highlight – London Design Festival

  From the Vase Clock-wise – Why I choose these as highlights These are flat pack Vase cover produced by a dutch designer – Because: They were designed to be made from paper… Continue reading

Ceramic Highlights from Tent – London Design festival

  Because – It is so pretty right? I am not sure who is by, sorry. Mercer Mercer – from University of the arts London, Ana Mercer – Because I love stripes By… Continue reading

Colourful Highlights – London Design Festival

These are chosen to be highlights for me because they are colourful of course. Clockwise from Top Left: Pens – These pens are designed to be easily clipable so it can be used… Continue reading