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Putting a man on the moon VS shoes

“We live in world where we managed to put a man on the moon and orbit space, where we can print food, where distance and time is challenged by the existence of the… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea on a Bus, London

The idea, I thought, was such a novelty. It turned out, they already have a restaurant in a moving bus in Indonesia. Well, never mind, the special thing about this one is of… Continue reading

An unlikely to have happened question

Inspired by other Indonesian bloggers about the silly questions that they got by their fellow countrymen/women, I thought I share mine. One of the questions or maybe just verbal wondering that people say… Continue reading

Sunday Conversations – Souvenirs

In an attempt to show more of who I am, I have been wearing batik dresses every other day. (For those unaware of my previous post, I was accused of being Slovenian). This… Continue reading

Happy Sunday! Who did you learn from this week?

Me? I learnt from a dog called Francis to make this matcha swiss roll. Hahahaha, this really tickles me, but I did. It is the most hilarious talking dog too. I looked on… Continue reading

Lazy Sunday – How to be Indonesian Videos

The challenge was to post an update at least once a dayfor one week. I didn’t say that each post would have great amount of writing. 😀 But what do you think so… Continue reading

Friday picture – Overload

Happy Friday! Indonesian Vegetable Seller – This culture has changed slightly, when I was growing up they used to do this on a push-cart on a wheel. This new method looks more dangerous,… Continue reading


I feel really bad for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. Niways I have not been really at home lately, I have been traveling rather a lot. First it was Edinburgh. As… Continue reading

Driving – Crazy Things Indonesian do

Driving is one of the craziest things about Indonesians. Here are tips on how to drive like an Indonesian. In traffic jams do not leave any gaps between you and the car in… Continue reading

Kids Swimming with Sharks – Crazy things Indonesian do

I have post a few things on food, I can’t seem to get away from food. But this article inspired me to have a section about the crazy things Indonesian do. I was… Continue reading