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Indonesian Instrument – Gamelan – in the UK

This post has been in my head since another blogger Fe┬áposted something about Indonesian things abroad. I mentioned that in one of my favourite places to go Southbank Centre, there is an Indonesian… Continue reading

3 Things – Animation, Urban Art and Music from Indonesia

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all good. It is getting really cold and dark in the UK, hence my reluctance to do anything but read books and drink tea under the warmth… Continue reading

Seroja – Friday Photo

Seroja is Indonesian for Lotus, did you know that Lotus is a different flower from water lilies? I didn’t know until my uncle told me. He also told me that Lotus has taller… Continue reading

Tulus – Music on Monday

One of the brilliant things growing up in Indonesia is music. As a teenager in the mid 90s, we didn’t have very many hanging out places. Going to retaurants (cafes didn’t quite exist… Continue reading