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Spring in Sofia | Musim Semi di Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia in Spring is pretty, flower blossoms everywhere. I was lucky to have visited the city when it’s sunny. When I was taking pictures of the lovely blossoms, I noticed these red and… Continue reading

Happy Sunday from Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Harry Potter Studio, Leavesden, England

They welcome you first to the great hall. Before you continue. Have a listen at this song at the same time. Then they open their common rooms and the room, Hagrids house, the… Continue reading

White Tea | Teh putih

Happy Sunday! Let’s drink white tea. White tea apparently have more antioxidant then black or even green tea with less cafeine in it. The one I tried this time is white tea from… Continue reading

Verona – Italy

One and half an hour away from Venice, I found Verona a relief. I thought ” pfiuuh I am back in the real Italy” Verona is famous for being the backdrop of Romeo… Continue reading

Island Hopping in Venice

One day in Venice buy a 12-hour vaporetto (water bus)ticket to go island hopping. Go to Murano – Mazarbo – Burano – Treporti – Ponta Sabioni – Lido – back to main island.… Continue reading

Getting lost in Venice

People say you just need to get lost in Venice, then you will find treasures. I was suspicious of this saying, because a lot of people also say there is no use of… Continue reading

Buenosera from Verona

Good evening from Verona. Meet Juliet.

Buonasera from Venice

Couldn’t decide which one to put up. Which do you prefer, Gondola or gondolier? Buonasera!

Found Online – Kawah Ijen – Indonesia

All my writing lately has been more about my travels than Indonesia. I have around three updates waiting to be written but all something other than Indonesia. So I feel slightly bad about… Continue reading

Happy Sunday! Who did you learn from this week?

Me? I learnt from a dog called Francis to make this matcha swiss roll. Hahahaha, this really tickles me, but I did. It is the most hilarious talking dog too. I looked on… Continue reading

Happy Sunday Fellow Muggles

Happy Sunday to my fellow muggles! This is where the real magic happen, where Daniel Radcliff turned to Harry, Emma Watson turned to Hermione and where three owls became one. Warner Brothers Studio in… Continue reading

Travelling in Warsaw in -15° celcius – some tips

It is literally below freezing temperature. I have been to some cold places. I have never been to a place where when I took my gloves out for a split second, I suddenly… Continue reading

Happy Sunday from Warsaw

Waffles, Fries, and Chocolates in Brussels

Brussels welcomes you with a wonderful smell of waffles and chocolate. Honestly, Brussels really do smell of waffles and chocolates. Waffles The first waffle I had on this trip was topped with Speculaas… Continue reading

Brussels – Comic book walk

When I found out that Brussels have a series of murals of characters from comic strips/books through out the town, I was so excited, I love a treasure-hunt-like adventure. Because I have seen… Continue reading

Happy Sunday ! from Brussels

Was that really 2013? Gone?

Honestly, what happened? is it really over? whoa … that was fast. Do you feel the same with me? that the year has just flown by, I don’t feel like I have done… Continue reading

Martabak Indonesian Street Food

Browsing through They Draw & Cook, one of my favourite sites, I found this of Martabak (Mar tha bha k). The drawing is by Matahari Indonesia (Indonesia’s sun) what a lovely name. Martabak… Continue reading

Miffy Museum – Dick Bruna Huis, Utrecht

I took my 6 years old niece to the Dick Bruna House this week! She absolutely loved it! She said” Aunty that was amazing! Can we go again soon.” When I almost had… Continue reading