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Tropen Museum – Amsterdam

A lot of books I have been reading about Indonesia tells me that their main source of information/books comes from The Tropen Museum, Amsterdam. I finally got to visit it the other day.… Continue reading

Nice place to hang-out – 1/15 coffee

Jakarta is full of malls, people usually either hang-out within these or some roadside eating establishments. 1/15 is an independently owned coffee shop, cool and well designed. Their menu offers a choice of… Continue reading

Taking the Train to Jakarta Kota

As promised from my last visit to the Jakarta Old Town, I would visit the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum on my next trip. My brother and I took the train from Bogor… Continue reading

Seroja – Friday Photo

Seroja is Indonesian for Lotus, did you know that Lotus is a different flower from water lilies? I didn’t know until my uncle told me. He also told me that Lotus has taller… Continue reading

Balikpapan – Kalimantan (Borneo)

Visiting my friend who lives in the town was the reason of my travel. So that is what I did. This part of Indonesia is a centre of coal mining industry, according to… Continue reading

Friday picture – Overload

Happy Friday! Indonesian Vegetable Seller – This culture has changed slightly, when I was growing up they used to do this on a push-cart on a wheel. This new method looks more dangerous,… Continue reading

Thessaloniki Greece

Upon arrival at the second biggest city of Greece, Thesalonikki, we took the really cheap bus to the town centre. The bus cost 2 euros. Great right? The city seems rather small, that… Continue reading

Pempek, Pindang Patin, Palembang – South Sumatera

Let us finally reconvene with the March 2013 Indonesia travelling strories, shall we? (said the project manager in me) . Alright, alright, ( said the lazy me). Last time we talked about North… Continue reading

Ancient Athens

Myths and legends are my favourite type of stories growing up, I read about ancient Gods from Egypt, Greeks even Viking. Going to Greece is one of the things I always wanted to… Continue reading

Milano and Gelato

3 days 2 nights, 9 cups of caffĂ© macchiatto, 15 scoops of Gelato and plenty of yummy food; my trip to Milan two weeks a go was definitely a good start to my… Continue reading

Go West of Sumatra pt 2

The places I mentioned in my previous post was situated around the Bukit Tinggi town. Bukit Tinggi most famous icon is Jam Gadang, a clock tower which was built in the 1800s. To… Continue reading

Go West of Sumatra

For most Indonesian, West Sumatra is Padang, the capital of this province. Anyway I want to see and find out more what West Sumatra had to offer beside Padang. The most important place… Continue reading

North Sumatra Journey Part 3 – Medan

Kampung Madras We arrived back in the afternoon in Medan, we had that evening’s dinner at Kampung Madras (old name: kampung Keling). Keling means black or dark complexion, so doesn’t seem to be… Continue reading

The Journey in North Sumatra – 1

This is really embarrassing, I haven’t updated this blog for a month and this update is on the trip I had in March! Which is a long time a go now. I have… Continue reading

Bricklane – East London

As requested by this user is dead, I went to Bricklane last weekend. It has been a while since I have been there. If you are like me who prefers to visit places… Continue reading

Cultural Seoul

My first day route was to walk from this palace to Bukchon. Bukchon is cute, there is tourist information centre everywhere that could give you different maps, and there is signs saying “please… Continue reading

Food in Seoul

Before I went to Seoul, I had a list of food that I must eat and experience on the trip. What I didn’t do was to find all the best place to eat… Continue reading

Sleepless Seoul – Night Scenes

I think it is better to go to this part of town at night, lots of lights and people. To go to the start of Cheonggyecheon stream you take the dark blue line… Continue reading

Tim Burton Exhibition – SEMA Seoul

A great exhibition! Love it. Spent 2 hours in the exhibition, there is not much pictures to share, you are not allowed to take picture of the inside. I think the exhibition is… Continue reading

Bali – Galungan Holiday

When asked, friends who has been living in Bali for many years, didn’t quite know what Galungan is about. They say the Balinese Hindu would say that it is a victorious day, over… Continue reading