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The Journey in North Sumatra – 1

This is really embarrassing, I haven’t updated this blog for a month and this update is on the trip I had in March! Which is a long time a go now. I have… Continue reading

Bricklane – East London

As requested by this user is dead, I went to Bricklane last weekend. It has been a while since I have been there. If you are like me who prefers to visit places… Continue reading

Travelling in Sumatra (Indonesia) – Tips

My plan was to drive from Jakarta, I read that it only takes 3 days and 2 night, and I have a week to do this in, I’d be fine. But some people… Continue reading

Made in Korea

This last post on Korea everyone. Pfiuuh! I really want to start telling you about my trip in Indonesia before I forgot everything. On my earlier post, I mentioned one of things I… Continue reading

Cultural Seoul

My first day route was to walk from this palace to Bukchon. Bukchon is cute, there is tourist information centre everywhere that could give you different maps, and there is signs saying “please… Continue reading

Food in Seoul

Before I went to Seoul, I had a list of food that I must eat and experience on the trip. What I didn’t do was to find all the best place to eat… Continue reading

Sleepless Seoul – Night Scenes

I think it is better to go to this part of town at night, lots of lights and people. To go to the start of Cheonggyecheon stream you take the dark blue line… Continue reading

Travelling in Seoul – Tips

Transportation: Right. From my research there is a lot of people who wrote that it is difficult to travel around Seoul, because everything is in Hangeul (korean character) which scared me. People got… Continue reading

Tim Burton Exhibition – SEMA Seoul

A great exhibition! Love it. Spent 2 hours in the exhibition, there is not much pictures to share, you are not allowed to take picture of the inside. I think the exhibition is… Continue reading

Bali – Galungan Holiday

When asked, friends who has been living in Bali for many years, didn’t quite know what Galungan is about. They say the Balinese Hindu would say that it is a victorious day, over… Continue reading

Seoul Teaser – Happy Friday

Sudden passion for photographing people from the back. I think the lanterns are really pretty. Suddenly missed Seoul after listening to this song

Trip Planning – Sumatra

Ok, Sumatra. I am ashamedly admitting that I have never been to Sumatra. Yet, I  still thought I know all about it, because it is in Indonesia right? So I should know about… Continue reading

Trip Planning – Seoul

The last couple of weeks I have been doing research – research – research for my next trip. So far there is too much that I want to see and do for the… Continue reading

Next Travel Plan – help! Seoul, Sumatra and Kalimantan

Have just booked my flight to Indonesia for in a few months time. I am so excited, this time the transit is Seoul,South Korea and the destinations in Indonesia are Sumatra and Kalimantan.… Continue reading

Tokyo – Nagano – Nagoya – Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo The usual area Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ginza,Harajuku/Asakusa, I also went to Odaiba and Mitaka from Tokyo. Mostly went to the usual tourist places. In Odaiba however I went to see the… Continue reading

Visiting Japan – Tips

It was hands down the best holiday I have ever had. I wasn’t going to include this in my blog, but a friend from Japanese class asked me all about Japan the other… Continue reading

Fruit Park – Taman Buah Mekarsari – Bogor

Square shaped melons, endangered fruit, and red durian; when told that these were on offer for me to see, I had to go. =D who wouldn’t? You are probably aware from my previous… Continue reading

Curug Cikoneng – Bogor

My brother said that a few years back he walked from home to this amazing waterfall near Bogor. I thought that is great, it must have not been to far away, so I… Continue reading

Old Town Pictures

Jakarta Busway Museums Trip

Driving in Jakarta you have got to be prepared to spend 2 – 3 hours in the car that should take you 30 minutes to get to. The Traffic in Jakarta is infamously… Continue reading