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My Actual Activities in Jakarta 2012

On my post prior to my visit home, I listed the things I wanted to do and visit when I go back. Guess how many on the list I actually did. Meet my… Continue reading

Pictures of Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei

These are the pictures I took on my first visit

Brunei has redeemed itself …

In my eyes. Knowing that we (me and a friend) have to spend another full day in transit in Brunei returning to Europe, we thought we have a go at hiring a car… Continue reading

Not on a Friday – Brunei

Don’t visit Brunei on a Friday ! I should have known this, but as you may know by now, I always visit places at inappropriate times. This is due to them being a… Continue reading

My Plan – Indonesia Visit 2012

Just several days to my flight to Indonesia, here are a list of places and things I want to do on my visit to Jakarta: Meet my old friends Visit the following museums:… Continue reading


I feel really bad for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. Niways I have not been really at home lately, I have been traveling rather a lot. First it was Edinburgh. As… Continue reading

Candid Cosplay (Comic-con London 2012 pt2)

Comic-con had a really friendly atmosphere to it. All the way there I saw lots of people in their costumes excited to go, it made me smile through out my journey. Some funny… Continue reading

London Comic-Con October 2012

Growing up in Indonesia, was brilliant, we had so many culture that influenced us.  One of this culture is Japanese manga and animes. I am sure like many other South East Asian countries,… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday – Roof Mowing

Driving through the country side of Norway on a bus I saw a man standing on top a roof, and he was moving the roof! I am sure some of you have seen… Continue reading


Warning: Do not visit Helsinki on a Monday.. everything is closed! Or any city in the Baltic area for that matter. Here was my plan for Helsinki, to visit these places: – Marrimeko… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday 03

Evil Looking Sculpture made of horns, Polution Creator – by Kaisu Koivisto in Turku Ars Nova Gallery, Finland

Happy Weird Friday

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood – Gotta Catch Bulbasaur. (~.~)

Happy Weird Friday 01

A building somewhere in Porto – Portugal