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Bangka not Belitong

It is always Bangka and Belitong, even some Indonesian I spoke to didn’t know that these are separate islands.They are in one Bangka-Belitung Province, but different islands. Some say that Belitung is a… Continue reading

Pempek, Pindang Patin, Palembang – South Sumatera

Let us finally reconvene with the March 2013 Indonesia travelling strories, shall we? (said the project manager in me) . Alright, alright, ( said the lazy me). Last time we talked about North… Continue reading

Go West of Sumatra pt 2

The places I mentioned in my previous post was situated around the Bukit Tinggi town. Bukit Tinggi most famous icon is Jam Gadang, a clock tower which was built in the 1800s. To… Continue reading

Go West of Sumatra

For most Indonesian, West Sumatra is Padang, the capital of this province. Anyway I want to see and find out more what West Sumatra had to offer beside Padang. The most important place… Continue reading

North Sumatra Journey Part 3 – Medan

Kampung Madras We arrived back in the afternoon in Medan, we had that evening’s dinner at Kampung Madras (old name: kampung Keling). Keling means black or dark complexion, so doesn’t seem to be… Continue reading

Second Part of Journey to North Sumatra

Took the ferry for 1 hour back to mainland from Samosir Island, really pretty journey.   On the way back to Medan we stopped at Pematang Siantar for a lovely cup of strong… Continue reading

The Journey in North Sumatra – 1

This is really embarrassing, I haven’t updated this blog for a month and this update is on the trip I had in March! Which is a long time a go now. I have… Continue reading

Travelling in Sumatra (Indonesia) – Tips

My plan was to drive from Jakarta, I read that it only takes 3 days and 2 night, and I have a week to do this in, I’d be fine. But some people… Continue reading

Trip Planning – Sumatra

Ok, Sumatra. I am ashamedly admitting that I have never been to Sumatra. Yet, I  still thought I know all about it, because it is in Indonesia right? So I should know about… Continue reading