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Panggilan Manis Orang Inggris

Mungkin kalian sudah pernah baca/dengar mengenai kebiasaan orang Inggris (tentu tidak semuanya yah, dan tidak kebanyakan juga) yang mirip orang Indonesia yang sedikit “Unyu” eh bener tidak yah istilah ini atau mungkin “Alay”… Continue reading

Yogyakarta Sultan’s Palace – Kraton

I am not going to bore you with details of the Keraton, the place was interesting enough and worth the visit for those who has never been. I wouldn’t expect anything “impressive” from… Continue reading

Scilly Food

Did you think I was done in telling you about the Scilly Isles? Hah! you are so scilly! Of course not (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) , after all I am here to bore… Continue reading

Small Monkeys and Batu Putih – Fin

…We got out of the bushes where the monkeys were, and drove a long the bigger red-earth road for about 10 minutes, even deeper to the forest. When suddenly I can see the… Continue reading

Postcards on the Wall

Where ever I go to visit, I am most likely buy a postcard or two, to either send to people or just take home, instead of other souvenirs. It is also not unlikely  I… Continue reading

Menu – The Illusive

Here’s how it goes, now, in most of the restaurants I have been in Indonesia: I scan the menu, the plethora of yummy sounding food, then I choose an item. The waitress comes… Continue reading

Taste the Infographic Book of Food

Most food related book are beautiful, with mouth-watering images of scrumptious food. Even the vegetarian cook books has photos of artistically displayed food, but when I cook it looks like a total mess… Continue reading

At the end (of 2015)

What have I actually done this year? Nothing much it seems. I got a writer’s block just before writing this sentence, that I had to take a break to download some book to… Continue reading

3 Things – Animation, Urban Art and Music from Indonesia

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all good. It is getting really cold and dark in the UK, hence my reluctance to do anything but read books and drink tea under the warmth… Continue reading

The Winners are

Quick update. Literally you can find anything online right? I was contemplating on how to pick the winner. So I thought, maybe there is such a thing as randomiser. DRUMM ROLLL, CYMBALLS

To the Power of Three

It is quite good that wordpress reminded me of this blog being 3 Years the other day! That has gone super fast! I made great friends from the blog which is amazing. I… Continue reading