Soft Orchid – Colours of Indonesia

Love these colours.

Wayang Golek – The Colours of Indonesia

I love colours, the colours of Indonesia will be my research of colours palette for my illustrations. Aren’t these colours pretty?

Maleo Birds – The new symbol of love

Maleo birds are very loyal and faithful to its partner, once they have a partner they will stick to it. They do everything together. Should their partner die they would stay single until… Continue reading

Baduy, Real Green Living – Indonesian Book Review

This book is a beautifully illustrated documentary of the life of Baduy People.  I think there should be a book like this for every traditional tribes in Indonesia. Baduy, Real Green Living is… Continue reading

Old Town Pictures

Jakarta Busway Museums Trip

Driving in Jakarta you have got to be prepared to spend 2 – 3 hours in the car that should take you 30 minutes to get to. The Traffic in Jakarta is infamously… Continue reading

Nawilla by Reda Gaudiamo – Indonesian Book Review

Love this book. It is charming, well written and funny. It reminded me a bit of Astrid Lindgren’s – Six Bullerby Children , and Dorothy Edwards’ – My Naughty Little Sister. If I… Continue reading

Bags, Cushion Cover and Prints – Tulisan Jakarta

From everything that I bought in Indonesia, these are my favourite things. They are so beautiful, from the print and design to the details of the packaging and finishing touches of each item.j… Continue reading

My Actual Activities in Jakarta 2012

On my post prior to my visit home, I listed the things I wanted to do and visit when I go back. Guess how many on the list I actually did. Meet my… Continue reading

Pictures of Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei

These are the pictures I took on my first visit

Brunei has redeemed itself …

In my eyes. Knowing that we (me and a friend) have to spend another full day in transit in Brunei returning to Europe, we thought we have a go at hiring a car… Continue reading

Back in Europe

So, I am back in Europe now. It is so cold, compared to Indonesia which was 27°C. As always my visit to Indonesia seems too short. On the other hand I have got… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Not on a Friday – Brunei

Don’t visit Brunei on a Friday ! I should have known this, but as you may know by now, I always visit places at inappropriate times. This is due to them being a… Continue reading

Sambal and Kecap – Chilly and Soya Sauce

When you go to a restaurant or other eating establishment in europe you are always supplied with salt and pepper. In indonesia however, you are supplied by the condiments that is sambal and… Continue reading

My Plan – Indonesia Visit 2012

Just several days to my flight to Indonesia, here are a list of places and things I want to do on my visit to Jakarta: Meet my old friends Visit the following museums:… Continue reading

Cool Indonesian Things 1 – Tulisan

So, I am going to go home next week. I really want to see Indonesia in a more appreciative eyes and look for cool things. I am therefore collecting a list of things… Continue reading

Book about Moomin, Mymble and little my – Illustration Inspiration

Tangent you say? well not really, just want to share illustrations that inspire me, more of what I aspire to be or really ‘ Damn it why am I not that talented?’ I… Continue reading

Kecapi – the fruit i missed

I can’t believe I forgot this fruit when I was listing the fruit that we get in Indonesia Maybe because this one is slightly more rare. You can hardly get them in supermarkets… Continue reading


I feel really bad for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. Niways I have not been really at home lately, I have been traveling rather a lot. First it was Edinburgh. As… Continue reading