Candid Cosplay (Comic-con London 2012 pt2)

Comic-con had a really friendly atmosphere to it. All the way there I saw lots of people in their costumes excited to go, it made me smile through out my journey. Some funny… Continue reading

London Comic-Con October 2012

Growing up in Indonesia, was brilliant, we had so many culture that influenced us.  One of this culture is Japanese manga and animes. I am sure like many other South East Asian countries,… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday – Roof Mowing

Driving through the country side of Norway on a bus I saw a man standing on top a roof, and he was moving the roof! I am sure some of you have seen… Continue reading


Warning: Do not visit Helsinki on a Monday.. everything is closed! Or any city in the Baltic area for that matter. Here was my plan for Helsinki, to visit these places: – Marrimeko… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday – Pizza tasting seaweed

The shop in China town gave me this for free. Although it is weird it is quite nice, that I might buy it again.

Driving – Crazy Things Indonesian do

Driving is one of the craziest things about Indonesians. Here are tips on how to drive like an Indonesian. In traffic jams do not leave any gaps between you and the car in… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday 03

Evil Looking Sculpture made of horns, Polution Creator – by Kaisu Koivisto in Turku Ars Nova Gallery, Finland

Kids Swimming with Sharks – Crazy things Indonesian do

I have post a few things on food, I can’t seem to get away from food. But this article inspired me to have a section about the crazy things Indonesian do. I was… Continue reading

# BatikDay

As someone who wears and own a lot of batik dresses, I have to say that every time I wear them I feel very proud. People who sees these dresses always have good… Continue reading

Manggis – Mangosteen/ Queen’s Fruit

Manggis is one of my favourite fruits. I love the intense colour purple of the fruit. The fruit is juicy and sweet. One of the unique things about it is that you can… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood – Gotta Catch Bulbasaur. (~.~)

Weasels and Goats – the coffee lovers

Following my post on Collision coffee,  so why haven’t Indonesian invented some kind of filter? did coffee come from Indonesia? where did come from? If not do they have a traditional filter in… Continue reading

Happy Weird Friday 01

A building somewhere in Porto – Portugal

Papaya, mangga, pisang, jambu – Indonesian Fruit

Pepaya, mangga, pisang, jambu, berasal dari pasar minggu, Disana banyak penjualnya Dikota banyak pembelinya. This is a children song, translated Papaya, Mango, Banana, Jambu, from Pasar Minggu (a big market in the South… Continue reading

Collision Coffee aka Kopi Tubruk

Collision Coffee (not Coalition ) aka Kopi Tubruk 😀 is how before Starbucks came Indonesian drink their coffee. A traditional way. I suddenly wanted to drink Kopi Tubruk the other day. Using the… Continue reading

10 things you need to know about Indonesia

We have 17,508 islands that makes us the largest country in the world that consists of islands 15th largest country in the world in terms of territory – UK is no.80 It is… Continue reading