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Go West of Sumatra

For most Indonesian, West Sumatra is Padang, the capital of this province. Anyway I want to see and find out more what West Sumatra had to offer beside Padang. The most important place… Continue reading

North Sumatra Journey Part 3 – Medan

Kampung Madras We arrived back in the afternoon in Medan, we had that evening’s dinner at Kampung Madras (old name: kampung Keling). Keling means black or dark complexion, so doesn’t seem to be… Continue reading

Second Part of Journey to North Sumatra

Took the ferry for 1 hour back to mainland from Samosir Island, really pretty journey.   On the way back to Medan we stopped at Pematang Siantar for a lovely cup of strong… Continue reading

The Journey in North Sumatra – 1

This is really embarrassing, I haven’t updated this blog for a month and this update is on the trip I had in March! Which is a long time a go now. I have… Continue reading

Bali – Galungan Holiday

When asked, friends who has been living in Bali for many years, didn’t quite know what Galungan is about. They say the Balinese Hindu would say that it is a victorious day, over… Continue reading

Nita Darsono – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

Wow, when I get started I can’t believe how many I have found. I really thought I would find a handful of good illustrators from Indonesia. This shows that Ignorance is not bliss,… Continue reading

Trip Planning – Sumatra

Ok, Sumatra. I am ashamedly admitting that I have never been to Sumatra. Yet, I  still thought I know all about it, because it is in Indonesia right? So I should know about… Continue reading

Eugenia Gina – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

This lady’s blog is on my bookmark. I am not sure I can tell you how I got her name. But it looks like she is quite popular as a freelance illustrator in… Continue reading

Cecillia Hidayat – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

Remember my review post on a book called Nawilla, the illustrator for the lovely book is Cecillia Hidayat. Her illustration is so sweet, I have been following her blog. It looks like Cecillia… Continue reading

Timun Mas – Illustration Step 4

Step 4 – Sketches Not sure whether it is a mistake but I thought of what would be the front cover or the poster for the story first. I thought Timun Mas running… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s day – Remember Maleo

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Aren’t you bored of seeing the same kind of images on your valentine cards? Don’t you want something different? Perhaps something a bit meaningful like having an endangered bird… Continue reading

Timun Mas – Illustration Step 1 – 2

Step 1 – Inspiration Several things inspired me to start this personal project of creating an illustration of Indonesian Folktale. I have always loved folklore I needed some theme for me to illustrated… Continue reading

Next Travel Plan – help! Seoul, Sumatra and Kalimantan

Have just booked my flight to Indonesia for in a few months time. I am so excited, this time the transit is Seoul,South Korea and the destinations in Indonesia are Sumatra and Kalimantan.… Continue reading

Warna Warung – Colours of Indonesia

A picture of Warung, a little shop, you can find anywhere in Indonesia from behind tall rise buildings to a quiet housing estate, from beach front to the back road of the capital… Continue reading

Warna Senja – Colours of Indonesia

How beautiful is dusk in Indonesia? Warna Senja means Colour of Dusk.

Fruit Park – Taman Buah Mekarsari – Bogor

Square shaped melons, endangered fruit, and red durian; when told that these were on offer for me to see, I had to go. =D who wouldn’t? You are probably aware from my previous… Continue reading

Curug Cikoneng – Bogor

My brother said that a few years back he walked from home to this amazing waterfall near Bogor. I thought that is great, it must have not been to far away, so I… Continue reading

Wayang Golek – The Colours of Indonesia

I love colours, the colours of Indonesia will be my research of colours palette for my illustrations. Aren’t these colours pretty?

Old Town Pictures

Jakarta Busway Museums Trip

Driving in Jakarta you have got to be prepared to spend 2 – 3 hours in the car that should take you 30 minutes to get to. The Traffic in Jakarta is infamously… Continue reading