Tropen Museum – Amsterdam

A lot of books I have been reading about Indonesia tells me that their main source of information/books comes from The Tropen Museum, Amsterdam. I finally got to visit it the other day.

Tickets are €12 for adult. To visit take tram 9 or 7 from in front of the Centraal Station of Amsterdam.

A very pretty old building from the outside, funnily enough the entrance is a bit hidden, it is not the main big doors but around the corner of the museum.

This museum of the tropics covers parts of the world with rain forests, such as Brazil, Suriname, Philipines and of course Indonesia. It talks about the importance of the rain forests for the world, the interpretation is both in Dutch and English although some of the interactive stuff are only in Dutch.

One of the interactive is a screen that plays the story Kancil and siput in wayang form. The story was told in Dutch. It was a good way of presenting both an Indonesian Storytelling and folklore in an accessible way for Dutch children.
Wayang Kancil Tropen Museum

The collection has a lot of items and photos from Indonesia, parts of it seems to have the same types of objects that Museum Gajah has, it is just better presented.

Here are some collections.

Wayang Collection Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Ancestor dolls from Papua Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Then the bests ones are the old pictures. This one is a chemistry class.

Vintage Chemistry Class Indonesia, Tropen Museum Amsterdam

This one is just a usual class in a bamboo shed.
Vintage Indonesia Classroom Tropen Museum

The temporary exhibitions was MixMax Brazil.

MixMax Brazil was made for children to understand more about recycling and how to make things from everyday trash something that looks pretty, like apparently how the squalors in Brazil does.

Very cool exhibition. The cafe is covered with old doors and chairs.

Cafe Mixmax Brazil, Tropen Museum Amsterdam

The sofa and the stool are made of plastic bottles.
Plastic bottle sofa, mixmax brazil, tropen museum amsterdam

Table from bottle tops Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Walls from egg cartons and floor from t-shirt cuttings.

Egg carton wall and tshirt floor Tropen Museum Amsterdam

A wall of left over ribbons, so pretty.

Ribbon wall Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Very interesting museum, I could easily spend a day in the museum, probably do some drawing, but had a lunch date in central Amsterdam, so you know me and food. Can’t say no to good food can I?

Anyway If you’d like to see more images of old pictures of Indonesia, check out my pinterest account.