The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

As the writer and illustrator, Isabel Greenberg, said on the book ‘This book is nor a real encyclopedia’. Isabel, instead, wrote her version of mythology, how the earth was created, with the usual… Continue reading

White Walls and Bright Coloured Decor

The other day, I finally take the plunge, and painted one of my wall yellow. Everywhere in the house the walls have been white so far, I made that concious decision because:

Taste the Infographic Book of Food

Most food related book are beautiful, with mouth-watering images of scrumptious food. Even the vegetarian cook books has photos of artistically displayed food, but when I cook it looks like a total mess… Continue reading

Humor dan Komedi di Inggris

Dulu kakak saya sempat menyamakan saya dengan karakter Daria . Katanya, inti kesamaan saya dengan karakter-karakter ini adalah perkataan saya yang penuh dengan ‘celaan menyayat dan sarkastik’, dan bahkan terkadang untuk ukuran Indonesia… Continue reading

Mango and Bambang – an illustrated book on a Tapir

Generally a striking black and white animals are well known, I mean look at Panda, zebra, badgers and skunk. Who doesn’t know them, there are plenty characters on children’s book that involves these… Continue reading

Starts 2016

This is not a resolution, because resolutions always fails me. But I will try to….this is going to be good, prepare yourself… I am going to …

At the end (of 2015)

What have I actually done this year? Nothing much it seems. I got a writer’s block just before writing this sentence, that I had to take a break to download some book to… Continue reading

9 German & 1 French Christmas Markets

Yes, you read that right. I went Christmas Market crazy.To be fair I didn’t go to 9 German towns, but in Berlin I visited 9 out of the available 11 going, then me… Continue reading

Berlin’s MauerPark Flea Market

Second-hand or some cool people call it vintage, some other people call it Pre-loved, is a great concept, I think (the second-hand idea, not calling it pre-loved, I think that is a bit… Continue reading

Indonesian Instrument – Gamelan – in the UK

This post has been in my head since another blogger Fe┬áposted something about Indonesian things abroad. I mentioned that in one of my favourite places to go Southbank Centre, there is an Indonesian… Continue reading

Nonton Konser: yang pertama, yang terseru, yang aneh, …

Salah satu kegemaran saya adalah nonton konser. Tapi kenapa kok gak pernah dibahas diblog ini? Hmm karena kalau lagi konser, males konsentrasi ambil foto2 atau video. Jadi hasilnya selalu Meh. Ini beberapa foto… Continue reading

3 Things – Animation, Urban Art and Music from Indonesia

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all good. It is getting really cold and dark in the UK, hence my reluctance to do anything but read books and drink tea under the warmth… Continue reading

Tasting Cornish Pasties in Cornwall

Like Champagne, Cornish Pasty are a regionally protected product, which means that it can only be called Cornish Pasty if it was made in Cornwall. Apparently Cornish Pasty is also the origins of… Continue reading

Membaca Koran di Inggris

Mungkin telah terlalu lama saya tidak berada di Indonesia untuk mengetahui apakah ada politik didalam membaca koran. Waktu jaman saya kecil orang tua saya yang sepertinya ternyata termasuk kelas menengah bacaan korannya adalah… Continue reading

St Agnes Island, Scilly Isles, England

Inspired by my visit to the most westerly point of mainland Europe Cabo De Roca near Lisbon. I started an adventure to visit the most westerly points, this time of inhabited England. I… Continue reading

Oh No! Asterix, why?

I just found the problem of getting your information from comic books, that it could all be misleading. I know, I know, they are work of fiction and exageration. Of course, there is… Continue reading

St Ives, Cornwall, UK

St Ives (hear pronounciation here) was famous for artist in the uk in the 60’s to 80’s, because of its beautiful seascape, somewhat micro climate and higgledy piggledy lanes. Now although still beautiful… Continue reading

A Book that made an impact

This request of discussion was posed by Deny, when I asked my readers what do they want me to write about. A lot of books have impact on me. I think if you… Continue reading

My Daily Routine

I asked my reader what would they like me to write about. Ria said she wants to know what my daily routine is like. Panic engulfed me. Oh NO! That is the most… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea on a Bus, London

The idea, I thought, was such a novelty. It turned out, they already have a restaurant in a moving bus in Indonesia. Well, never mind, the special thing about this one is of… Continue reading