Oh No! Asterix, why?

I just found the problem of getting your information from comic books, that it could all be misleading. I know, I know, they are work of fiction and exageration. Of course, there is… Continue reading

St Ives, Cornwall, UK

St Ives (hear pronounciation here) was famous for artist in the uk in the 60’s to 80’s, because of its beautiful seascape, somewhat micro climate and higgledy piggledy lanes. Now although still beautiful… Continue reading

A Book that made an impact

This request of discussion was posed by Deny, when I asked my readers what do they want me to write about. A lot of books have impact on me. I think if you… Continue reading

My Daily Routine

I asked my reader what would they like me to write about. Ria said she wants to know what my daily routine is like. Panic engulfed me. Oh NO! That is the most… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea on a Bus, London

The idea, I thought, was such a novelty. It turned out, they already have a restaurant in a moving bus in Indonesia. Well, never mind, the special thing about this one is of… Continue reading

Rambling – Cerita kehidupan di Inggris

Terakhir pulang ke Indonesia, saya bercerita kepada teman saya kalau saya suka Rambling.Waktu dia berkata ‘apa itu rambling?’ ‘Itu loh yang di lakukan Ramblers, kan banyak di UK orang ramblers” tentunya ini jawaban… Continue reading

The Winners are

Quick update. Literally you can find anything online right? I was contemplating on how to pick the winner. So I thought, maybe there is such a thing as randomiser. DRUMM ROLLL, CYMBALLS

Breakfast at Wolsesley, London

If they say to have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London, they would say have breakfast at the Wolsesley. Which is coincidentally almost next door to each other. Apparently a lot of… Continue reading

To the Power of Three

It is quite good that wordpress reminded me of this blog being 3 Years the other day! That has gone super fast! I made great friends from the blog which is amazing. I… Continue reading

How To Wear a Batik Fabric – No Sew

As a proud Indonesian I have been collecting Batik and Ikat Fabrics, beautiful ones that I sometimes put on a frame or put as a decoration on my sofa. Otherwise they are just… Continue reading

A – Z Indonesia Inspired Font

The booklet caught my eyes with its combination of unusual colours and traditional pattern. If you have been following me for a while you’d know that I am into illustrated A-Z s books,… Continue reading

Indonesia Etc – A Must Read – An Indonesian Perspective of the Book

Hardly ever I say to anyone I know: You must read this, or you must watch this. I obviously share my thoughts on things, but would recommend books only if I am asked.… Continue reading

Outside Glasgow – Forth Bridge, The Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel

Although not as famous as Edinburgh,  a city 1 hour away from it, Glasgow and its surrounding has plenty to offer. Before and after my tour around Glasgow, I went to see the… Continue reading

Traipsing around Glasgow to learn more about Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Have you heard of the name Charles Rennie Mackintosh? If you haven’t, you must have seen things that was originally designed by him and his Wife, Margaret MacDonald. The rose, the typeface, clean lines,… Continue reading

Lisbon’s Urban Decorative Walls

There are so much going on lately that I have been very laxed on blogging. I just remembered about this one update that has been the queue for ages. Mba Loraine’s update of… Continue reading

Lisbon’s Bookshops and other things

There is certainly a contrast  of forms in Lisbon’s bookshop, old beautiful ones with beautiful wooden shelves, selling beautiful books, and those in train station that looked a bit like a cheap bookshop because of… Continue reading

Wimbledon, Strobery dan Pimms – Khas Musim Panas di Inggris

Musim panas di dalam kebudayaan Inggris selalu diawali dengan Wimbledon. Walau sebenarnya pada saat Wimbledon selama saya hidup disini tak pernah satu tahun pun luput dari hujan. Namun demikian, semangat orang Inggris lumayan… Continue reading

48 hours in Dusseldorf – Germany

I am not sure what happened during my visit to Dusseldorf I didn’t seem to have done anything. Plus my memory card got corrupted which means no good pictures. :( That it is… Continue reading

Cerita Pendek, BBC radio 2, 500 Kata

Sepertinya ini memang salah saya. Saat membaca buku atau sebuah cerita saya tak henti menebak akhirnya. Tapi ketika akhirnya saya baca dan tamatnya sesuai dengan dugaan saya, yang saya rasakan adalah kecewa. Tentu… Continue reading

Kebunku – Cerita – Cerita kehidupan di Inggris

This is going to be the start of a series of blog of Life in the UK in Indonesian language – Bahasa Indonesia. If any of you are interested in the English version… Continue reading