More Ice Cream Sandwiches and Bao

Bao and its Ice Cream Sandwich.

On my last update, I said that I could not get ย to try Bao Ice cream Sandwich. It was simply because we went to the place really late and the queue was really late. Last Saturday I made sure that I arrived just before lunch time, we were in the queue for around 30 mins.

Here is the queue stop…

…which is just across the road from the restaurant itself. (Btw that is not me)

Was it worth the wait?

For the ice cream alone? No. But the food at Bao was really good. It was different and Yummy.

My picks:

  • Aubergine and wonton crisps
  • Chicken Bao
  • Sweet Potato chips
  • Fried Horlicks Ice Cream Bao
  • Peanut Milk
  • Baozhang Tea

The aubergine is made into a rough dip, that was subtle but quite tasty, which you scoop up with the wonton crisps. Chicken Bao is such a good combination of soft and fluffy Bao and the crispy chicken. I would say that the sweet potato chips is the best tasting, I am not sure what they put in there, it is a swirl of some kind of batter, then they put some sort of chilly sauce on top.All of these are in mini tapas portion, which I think is just right.

Now, I chose the peanut milk because it was the weirdest content under side order, so I had to try. It was so good! If you like peanut butter flavoured things, this is so good! Creamy, with not too strong but just right sweet peanut taste. It might be just peanut butter shake.

The peanut milk is the one in a cup, and the one in a glass is the baozhang, cold non sweet chinese tea with a drop of milk- I think.

Next, the ice-cream, it is horlicks flavoured which is a malt drink almost like ovaltine for Indonesian. Hmm, the taste was certainly different, but not someting that you’d rave about. The bun is doughnutey, and I find it really difficult to eat without mushing the ice cream. Maybe one would just have to eat the doughnut first and then the ice cream.

Happy Endings Ice Cream Sandwiches

On my last post I mentioned I got their ice cream sandwich at a pub called Off Broadway. Well last weekend I went back to try the others, but to my dissapoinment they weren’t selling any there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But determined to complete this testing for you all, I went all the way to E17 postcode in London where they don’t even have any tube station that I had to take a bus. To this cool little supermarket called EAT17. There I bought a vanilla one and the malted one.

The verdict: the vanilla one had this thick wafer waffley thing as the sandwich, but it was so hard to bite into that I was scared of loosing my teeth. The ice cream, is ok, nothing special.

The malted one had a digestive biscuit sandwich, dipped in chocolate in one end and dipped in crushed digestive on the other. I found this the nicest out of all three I tried. The biscuit gave it a tinge of saltyness to it but the ice cream itself not that memorable.

So I am not sure they were worth the journey over there.

Have you ever tried peanut milk? Anyone know how to make it? Also have you ever broke your teeth eating something?