Maleo Birds – The new symbol of love

Illustration Maleo

Maleo birds are very loyal and faithful to its partner, once they have a partner they will stick to it. They do everything together. Should their partner die they would stay single until they die. Because of this; and they (Macrocephalon Maleo) only lay 1 egg a year and the decrease of the number of forests/ their habitat, they are endangered. They are only endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

In Indonesia and internationally Orang Utan has all the highlight maybe because they are traded illegally, looks a bit like us human and looks really cuddly and furry. But there are more of endangered unique animals in Indonesia than Orang Utan, Maleo birds are one of them.

I found this Tompotika from a national geographic Indonesia story about the birds and other endagered animals in Sulawesi, it turns out you can donate money to the organisation directly through paypall, and you can help them in other ways too. Check them out.

Here is my illustration of the bird. I made some other ones too, but I like this one best. I think instead of teddy bears you should give your partners on Valentine’s day a Maleo Bird illustrated cards or felt Maleo Bird. 😀

What do you think?