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More Ice Cream Sandwiches and Bao

Bao and its Ice Cream Sandwich. On my last update, I said that I could not get  to try Bao Ice cream Sandwich. It was simply because we went to the place really… Continue reading

Tour of London’s Best Ice-cream Sandwiches 

Rumour has it that the next few days in London would be the hottest days in one of the hottest August they had for a while. I thought it would be the perfect… Continue reading

The Blue Sky of the UK

London and the rest of UK in general is pretty infamous for it’s grey and miserable sky. Don’t get me wrong, as someone that is built and comes from an equatorial country, I… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea on a Bus, London

The idea, I thought, was such a novelty. It turned out, they already have a restaurant in a moving bus in Indonesia. Well, never mind, the special thing about this one is of… Continue reading

Breakfast at Wolsesley, London

If they say to have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London, they would say have breakfast at the Wolsesley. Which is coincidentally almost next door to each other. Apparently a lot of… Continue reading

V&A – London Design Festival Hightlights

Each year at the London Design Festival there is always a big piece of art/design instalation. This year it is Crest by Zaha Hadid architects, situated in the John Midejski garden of the… Continue reading

Rob Ryan – Inspirational Illustrator

Visiting Columbia Road the other day I happen upon a closed door. A very curious door indeed. When I went back on Flower Market day on Sunday, I went to look at what… Continue reading

Donna Wilson – an Inspiration

If you have been following my instagram you would know that I have been going to the London Design Festival, it was great by the way. Donna Wilson’s pop-up shop as part of… Continue reading

Felt + Art = Cornershop

The equation might not make sense, but it does. Warungs (Waa-roongs) in England are called cornershops. Because they are more likely to be on a corner of a road, or are so tiny… Continue reading

Coconut Water – Air Kelapa

Lunch time and I am drinking coconut water. Last year I have seen a growth of these sold in the supermarkets here. It started out to be sold only in healthy food shops,… Continue reading

The quest for the best ice cream in London

9 am on a very sunny sunday, I decided to start my quest, at 11 am I am eating a cup of adhoc ice cream, found at the first 10 minutes walking towards… Continue reading

Pick-Me-Up exhibition haul

What I actually want to buy was this print by Lucie Sheridan from the Brighton based creative shop, Unlimited Shop, at Pick Me Up. But I don’t think I am ready financially to spend… Continue reading

Sunday Conversations – Souvenirs

In an attempt to show more of who I am, I have been wearing batik dresses every other day. (For those unaware of my previous post, I was accused of being Slovenian). This… Continue reading

Pick Me Up – Somerset House

If there is one exhibition in a year that I would recommend to people who loves illustration to go it’s Pick Me Up. It always promises a feast to the eyes, with cool… Continue reading

Prints Highlights – London Design Festival

  From top clock-wise. Cushion covers – from Curio & Curio – I really love the pattern and the colours Sustainable print wall paper print from the University of Art London Masters Students… Continue reading

Made from Paper – Tent Highlight – London Design Festival

  From the Vase Clock-wise – Why I choose these as highlights These are flat pack Vase cover produced by a dutch designer – Because: They were designed to be made from paper… Continue reading

Ceramic Highlights from Tent – London Design festival

  Because – It is so pretty right? I am not sure who is by, sorry. Mercer Mercer – from University of the arts London, Ana Mercer – Because I love stripes By… Continue reading

Colourful Highlights – London Design Festival

These are chosen to be highlights for me because they are colourful of course. Clockwise from Top Left: Pens – These pens are designed to be easily clipable so it can be used… Continue reading

Bricklane – East London

As requested by this user is dead, I went to Bricklane last weekend. It has been a while since I have been there. If you are like me who prefers to visit places… Continue reading

Candid Cosplay (Comic-con London 2012 pt2)

Comic-con had a really friendly atmosphere to it. All the way there I saw lots of people in their costumes excited to go, it made me smile through out my journey. Some funny… Continue reading