Rob Ryan – Inspirational Illustrator

Visiting Columbia Road the other day I happen upon a closed door. A very curious door indeed.


When I went back on Flower Market day on Sunday, I went to look at what is behind the closed door. It is a Rob Ryan special shop. I have seen his work around before on mugs, plates, paper and cards, but I have never seen tiles and zine.

His work are illustration applied to paper-cutting, not simple paper-cutting but very-very intricate. They also usually tell a story, a unique one at that.

Watch the way they cut up this piece of artwork, team effort and a lot of hours it seems.

He seems to be a humble ( he said ” I guess I am an artist?”) and thoughtful man in this video. He said that his favourite story was the Elves and the Shoemaker, which is one of mine, I remember  when I was little re-reading the ladybird book I had over and over again. He also said that he has not stopped reading children’s book/ stories, hmm sounds familiar. Yes! It is not only me, my weirdness is justified by a well known and great illustrator.

Here are the things I bought from the shop, story books, the zine is £5 and the newspaper is £2, cheap and great! I know, I am such a cheapskate. But what can I do? I really wanted to buy tiles from him, but it was £26 per tile. Maybe one day. 🙂


The screen printed zine: Make Some Noise and Then be Very Very Quiet



The Special Edition Newspaper: There is Only Time


rob ryan detailed word


There are pictures of how some of his work was developed and the result

rob ryan workrob ryan making process

More about Rob Ryan can be found on below

You can buy the zine and the paper from his online shop too.

Have you seen his work before? What do you think?




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