Scilly Food

Did you think I was done in telling you about the Scilly Isles? Hah! you are so scilly! Of course not (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) , after all I am here to bore you. Next some Scilly Food, which are so yummy because most of what I had was locally sourced in the island.

There are hardly any shops in the island, the most they had was in St Mary’s, with the only supermarket in the whole group of island, and that supermarket is the size of SevenElevens. Around the islands people grow stuff, there are plenty of locally sourced food, from eggs to sausages, from lobsters to ice creams. I think everything tastes better, but I tried a few of the same things here is what to get and where.

Scilly Crab Sandwich at the St Martin’s Bakery

The bread is so soft and yummy, you can see the bakers from where you buy the sandwiches. The pasty there was ok, but slightly not enough seasoning.


Ice Cream from Troytown Farm at St Mary’s

This time I tried the salted caramel and coffee ice cream, as ice cream they are as fresh as you can get and beautifully creamy. I would say that the salted caramel was a bit too salty, so not my favourite. I did also try the rose geranium, which was different and interesting. The coffee taste was really good!



Pasty and Scillonian Tattie Cake from Bryher Shop

The pasties in the Scilly isles are generally good, except the one in the shop in the harbour of St Mary’s, but I would say that the one in the Bryher shop is really good. It is so good that you have to pre-order the pasty in busy season, when I was there, I nearly didn’t get any, but the lady was really nice to let me have someone else’s who had pre-ordered but was late to get it, whilst she baked a new one for that person. YES!


And the tattie cake apparently is an old traditional Scillonian secret recipe that can only be found in this shop at the moment. It is a sweet cake made out of potatoes, with currant and some fruit in it. I would say  that the seasoning made it taste a bit like bread pudding. It is really Yummy!



This is quintessentially Scillonian, people eat lobster if you visit, unless of course if you are allergic to shellfish. A common feature in people’s tote shopping bag is lobster. Apparently the best place to eat this is supposed to be The Galley in St Mary’s island, but you would be lucky to get in, this place is booked up way in advance. I had one in Tresco island in the Ruin Beach cafe, a really nicely decorated restaurant with a great sea view. The lobster was sweet and creamy with a bit of garlic butter on top. Yumm!


I also had Scilly Sausage from Peninnis Farm, which was really nice, but I bought the sausage from a local shop and cooked it myself so it was not that pretty to look at. If you like sausages you should definitely try them.

Little Houses

When you walk around  the islands, you will find on corners or by the road side these small small wooden boxes or shelves with roofs, some of them look a bit like little houses. Inside these  you can find local produce from eggs, potatoes, to carrots and flowers, etc. which you can buy by leaving the money in a small box or jar, which is called an honesty box. An honesty box is just where you put money in and trust people paid correctly and others would not steal the money.



I bought and carrots from one of these side road small houses, they taste so good and fresh too.

Have you seen these small houses or honesty books elsewhere? What do you think?