9 German & 1 French Christmas Markets

Yes, you read that right. I went Christmas Market crazy.To be fair I didn’t go to 9 German towns, but in Berlin I visited 9 out of the available 11 going, then me and a bunch friends went to Lille to the Christmas market there. On a whole they are all fun, lots of food and stalls selling knick knacks. Didn’t buy any knick-knacks but had a lot of the hot beverages and food.

Berlin Christmas Markets 

The best one to me  would be in Spandau, because it is in an old town and the visitors are more local. They also had a band on, when you buy some glühwein, the stalls provide you with some free spekulaas (Spiced biscuits). The one near the palace and the Gendarmenmarket are lovely because of the building environments. These markets starts from 12 noon to 11pm, some of the ones in the town charges entry around 6pm ish, so get in early. I would recommend bringing cash rather than card.





What knick knacks can you buy in German Markets? of course the famous ones are the nutcrackers, wooden christmas decorations and glass christmas decorations. Why didn’t I buy anything? because they were extremely pricey, for what they are.

Wooden Stars Christmas Decorations



What to try other than Glühwein and Brodwurst? This chopped up pancake, with cherry sauce and custard cream.  



What to bear in mind? they let you have your hot beverage in a mug of some sort, so your drink price includes a deposit for the mug. If you want to keep the mug for a keep sake, then you can take it away, otherwise return the mug to receive your money back.



Lille Christmas Market

Although the Christmas Market in Lille is not as good as the German, as in it is rather small, the town it self is great for Christmas shopping. Pretty little shops and the cool places to sit around and have lovely French food. If you are ever there, try the Ferris Wheel. You know  the feeling when you go on a Ferris wheel, that it is over before you take it all in? Well, you won’t get it with this one, you get to go around for 6 times. 


What to try? The raclet! melted cheese on top of potatoes, so yummy, there are diferent cheese you can choose from

What’s the knick-knack like? I didn’t see anything special, although they seem to be selling mini porcelain figurines, not only of the nativity scenes but random characters like sailors or animals like ducks and mice.


Have you been to a Christmas market this year? What is your favourite food there?