At the end (of 2015)

What have I actually done this year? Nothing much it seems. I got a writer’s block just before writing this sentence, that I had to take a break to download some book to my kindle, hahaha. Riddiculous, non?

My Year… 

in Travel

It seems that I have kept my year’s ‘resolution’ in limiting my travels. I have only been to Glasgow, Scotland; Dusseldorf in Germany; Arnhem in the Netherlands; Cardiff in Wales; Isles of Scilly in England; A couple of towns in Cornwall; West of France; Lisbon in Portugal; Hong Kong in China; Berlin in Germany and Lille in France. 


in Books

I have officially read more books than 2014 in 2015. I didn’t review or post a picture of all of them, so I am going to do a compilation.


in Bookshop Visit

Maesy and Teddy from POST Santa, kindly let me contribute to their instagram feed with bookshops I visited, most likely because of my annoying pestering. hahaha!


on Food

I tried so many different things this year, some of it you might have seen in Instagram. But the highlight of the year is being able to make my own Ice cream. 


So despite that it might have seemed that I have not done anything I had a really fun year this year. I hope the next one would be to too! 

How was yours? I hope you had a good one too!