St Agnes Island, Scilly Isles, England

Inspired by my visit to the most westerly point of mainland Europe Cabo De Roca near Lisbon. I started an adventure to visit the most westerly points, this time of inhabited England.

I know, I know, I am a weirdo. But this idea actually brought me to very interesting places and landscapes.

St Agnes is situated in the group of Scilly Isles Island (Scilly read: Silly) of the coast of Cornwall.

To get here there is a daily flight from near Penzance or you can get the boat. The flight takes 30 mins with a tiny plane, which gets really booked up fast. I managed to book a flight in the morning, so I can do a day there and then come back to Cornwall. However knowing my luck, it was a really foggy morning, and the flight was cancelled. Some people managed to get unto the boat that sailed from Penzance, but I didn’t. The boat was fully book, the flight the day after was already booked too. So my friend and I ended up booked on the boat on the next day.

It was such a big mistake. The 3-hour boat journey, not going to the island. It was the most choppy sea and horrible sea journey I have ever had. Almost everyone on the trip threw up or felt sick. I moved from sitting inside to outside to get the air, also because there was a growing stench of puke in the ferry. Not good. For your information, I didn’t throw up, probably because I had anti sickness tablet, ginger biscuits and those 80’s looking arm bands with a little pressure point ball. But I still felt really quesy.

By the time we reached St Mary, the main island, I really didn’t want to get on another boat to go to St agnes. It is only 30 mins journey my friend said and it is a fast boat. I’m really glad I did.

St Agnes is a beautiful tiny island, it took us 30 mins to walk from one point to another. They don’t really have any cars, just a few golf carts.

There is a farm, a few cafes and 2 pubs. I had the most beautiful scones, bacon bap and soup in this cafe. All sourced from the island. Amazing right?




Scone at St Agnes

When I ate these things I knew that these types of beautiful food is why people rave on about eating local produce. It is definitely nicer and yummier.


While we were sitting and eating, we saw a few policemen walking by. I thought, that is weird for a tiny island to have so many policeman. It turns out the estate owner of the island is visiting that day, who else would it be? it is the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Prince Charles and CPB.

We were only metres away from them but all my camera captured was his HRH’s head. Hahaha.

Bored of trying to catch a picture of HRH’s head, we decided to try the farm. To find the most exciting thing ever! On the farm made ice cream! So yummy.


Then we stopped by the beach, by the time we explored a bit, it is time to return to the main island, to catch yet another 2 boat journey.

Β It was really tiring but really worth it, the boat back was ok. When we got back to our BnB the owner asked whether we managed to get the plane to St Mary, we said no, he said, oh so you took the scilonian stomach pump?

Next time I think I’d like to stay in the isles longer, to properly explore all the islands. Obviously will make sure I take the plane next time.

What is the most sick inducing trip you ever had? What did you do? Was it worth it?