I saw real puffins! thoughts on Nature Conservation

Yes, not the Penguin books for children ‘Puffin’ but real Puffins in their natural habitat.
Before going to yorkshire, I was told that the coast of Yorkshire is one of the best coastline in England. Then I was told that there is a place called Bempton Cliff where I could see Puffin birds.

I have got to go right?

Luck was actually on my side on that day, it was really sunny, which made my 30 minutes walk from Bempton Village train station to the cliffs was great! It was in the middle of no where , on that walk on most of the ways I probably only see 5 houses.

Bempton Cliffs is run by RSPB, Royal Society of Protection of Birds. Most people drive there. Once you get there is free to enter but they might ask your donation or get you to sign up as a member of the charity. you can also hire binoculars. I would highly recommend to do this, You would know why in a minute.I think it was £4 for the day, but really consider this as a donation.

They gave you a map, a short walk (100m) you will reach this view.

You see these white specks? .

The sea of Bempton Cliffs

 They are birds! Most of them are Guillemots,Gannets & Kittywakes

White Specks Bempton Cliffs - Yorkshire, England

Amongst all these are only a small number of Puffins. They are on the amber list of Birds of Conservation Concern.

Bird Colonies in Bempton Cliffs

This is why you need a good binocular. I could hardly see them, if it wasn’t for my (not so very) long lense.

Here is one taking flight- easiest way to spot them is look for the orange feet.

The sea of Bempton Cliffs

4 Puffins

The person at RSPB, was saying they manage to do some conservation in the area that has increased the number of birds returning to nest there considerably. From 8,000 to 100,000 of course that is during many years. I still think that is amazing.


Thoughts on Nature Conversation

Conservation is one of the things I feel strongly about, I think it is really important. I think every endangered species should be look at. I love the Maleo birds who are really endangered, and I think there are so many animals that people are not paying attention too. People go more for fury and cuddly mammals. In England, not only the government have policies to conserve nature, heritage and many other important things, they also have charities that work concentrated on some specific things. The RSPB started in the Victorian time, more than 100 years ago. Here there is a general love for nature, fuelled by many movements and charities campaigning for the importance of it for many years. Almost every day on BBC their national TV there is a programme on the natural world.

Bempton Cliffs - Yorkshire, England

They encourage people to put out bird feeders, most of my neighbours have at least one bird feeder. They encourage people to provide houses for bird, bees, hedgehogs and even bats. I have a bird house that help provide birds to nest safely. I shall show you this one day, I also have a bird camera inside the bird house, to see their development. 🙂 It is fascinating. I could sit for hours just watching them.

The awareness of the protection of wildlife and the environment is so ingrained in the society here. They do it without thinking. Bird houses and bird feeder is a concept that doesn’t exist in Indonesia, here people my age grew up with them.

I think it is amazing…


What do you think about conservation? What do you think about people only caring for the cuddly Orang Utans? Do you know about the conservation campaigns that they are doing inDonesia? if so let me know.