Tulisan Journalist Tote and Cruise Bag – Review

So last time when I was in Indonesia being depressed, stressed and sad, I went to Tulisan to cheer myself up and bought two bags. They are different to what I already have before in shape and in illustration, you can find the previous reviews of these here and here. I have been meaning to review them, so here they are.

Journalist Tote – in Marigold Red Sangria

This was a hard decision (as always, who am I kidding?) between this print or the plumage (bird feather). I chose this one has got such striking colour contrast, plus I have got plenty clothes in this colour combination.


The shape looks good and has a professional look to it. After having used it for a while (and still do) this bag could use with just a bit of space perhaps, by slightly expanding the internal width by just probably 5cm. It just that you can’t fit more than one thick item, so if you have an ipad than you want to put in your notebook, it would not fit nicely.

The side pockets are great for pens and pencil, there are no internal pocket.


Not for:Travelling or going for an outing
Good for: Going for job interview or client meeting

Cruise bag – Wonder in (something) red

I have always wanted to have a cruise bag just as a weekend bag. I didn’t have an opportunity to use it until Bratislava. The bag is pretty strong, I tried to heave it and carry it on my shoulder using the handle, it turns out they are not long
enough, it kept falling of my shoulder. Or is it because I have got no shoulder? haha. So you would have to use the sling to carry it properly.


What is great about this bag though, it comes with a pouch which is slightly smaller than A4, that you can fit the bag in. Oh, you can use the pouch to carry swimming suit in the hotel, or sunlotion, book and phone if you are going to a beach by your hotel. Although it took me a while to figure out how to fit it back in, I think this is a neat product.


Not for: a lot of travelling or walking
Good For: Weekends away where you don’t have to carry the bag around. And for an extra bag if you know you are going to go somewhere you are going to shop. Like if I go to Indonesia, I always go with 1 bag and comes back with two. hahahahhah.


Only one tiny thing I was dissapointed in, that the this bag did not come with its own story like the others before it, which I think was the charm of their collection. But generally the quality of the print, the bags strength, design and illustration is still great.

What is even greater is they are Made in Indonesia

I am sure you know where you can find them, they are everywhere twitter, instagram, pinterest, just google mytulisan.

Someone needs to tell me to stop buying these. Anyone with a tip to stop addictions?