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This time around I found Wita when I was trawling through Instagram pics of Totoro. Weird I know, but I thought “hmm this girl has similar interest to me”. Sure enough when I checked her out, her blog features similar themes to mine such as illustration and travel. The difference is of course her blog is super tidy, well designed, and developed, plus her illustrations are really cute and cool.

An Indonesian living in Canberra, Australia, Wita managed to establish herself locally in Canberra’s design scene. Her work has been featured in several Australian based press, including being listed in the top 40 lifestyle blog by Kidspot, quoted as creme de la creme of Australian bloggers. Cool huh? So I was pretty pleased that she was willing to answer my email. πŸ˜€Β 

Here it goes the tiny Q&A. πŸ™‚

What kind of illustration work do you prefer to do; people, animal, scenes or stories and why?

I prefer animals, because there are so much characteristics that I can play with to make the illustration more interesting. Or probably because I am an animal lover πŸ™‚
sea creature design by Wita Puspita

What is the project you most proud of?

I love my CATXFOOD posters . They are representation of the kind of artwork that I truly like. They are cool, funny in a little dark way – depending on how you sees it, and I really had fun with the process of creating them.
Cat x Food Sets of Print by Wita Puspita

Who are your favourite illustrators and why?

I like Flora Chang from HappyDoodleLand and Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co. The characteristics of their illustrations are so distinctive yet versatile. I also love illustrator who have fun with their creations and like to put a little humour in their work.
Note: This one is by Flora Chang
Doodle Girls Β© Flora Chang | Happy Doodle Land

Why a cat and (is that a person or a teru-terubozu?) as a logo/branding icon?

Note: This was just me being really curious to the characters on Wita’s website
It’s a peg doll πŸ™‚ I just wanted to have a character that represents me, without being gender-specific. The peg doll is neither a boy or a girl, it’s just a simple character who’s always happy and love to create things and travel. The peg dolls is like blank character canvas, and I can always dress it up into something else, and have it appear on merchandise, printables or blog articles. As for the cat, I like cats and I think the peg doll is starting to get lonely, that was when I decided to add the kitty character!
Peg Doll by Wita Puspita

What single advice would you give to an aspiring freelance designer/illustrator?

Always think about what you’re doing as a business. Having a business doesn’t mean that you have to work from outside of home and own an army of staff.

YouΒ are your business, and be proud of yourself.

Don’t limit yourself to one kind of business, style, and specialty. The design world is your oyster, there are so many choices on what to do with your passion.
Sometimes the thing that you were most passionate about doesn’t work as well as the second thing that you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your business.

If it doesn’t work, move on.

Wita Puspita Design is Yay

You can find Β and follow Wita on:

Her Professional Website: witapuspita.com
Etsy: Β WitaPuspita
Instagram: @witaisyay

Psst: You can also find cool printable things. My favourite is this travel check list, très cool right?
Printable travel list by Wita Puspita Design is Yay
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