Postcards on the Wall

Where ever I go to visit, I am most likely buy a postcard or two, to either send to people or just take home, instead of other souvenirs. It is also not unlikely  I buy some postcards in the intention to send to people whilst I was there,but then totally could not find a post office or a stamp in order to send them off, which left the postcards unsent.

Adding to the touristy visits I do, when I can’t afford  (more likely refusing) to buy a print of a picture/design/illustration I really like, I always try to buy  a postcard copy of it. 🙂


This all resulted in a massive stack of postcards (10 cm deep, I measured) that I don’t know what to do with. I started putting them on the wall, but then there wasn’t enough space on the wall to put them on, the result is my stack grew obese and messy. I even considered to throwing them away.


Not until I found in some house decor shops in Lille they were selling leaflet display rack, which will allow you to store several postcards and still display them. In the shops in Lille they were around €30, which I thought were pretty expensive. I was determined that I can definitely get it somewhere cheaper in the UK.


It turns out the only place that sells these racks are HEMA for a reasonable price of £8.

Here it is in action.


How about you? What do you collect in your travels and what do you do with them?